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“Steamboat Willie” Has Been Updated for the 21st Century

The YouTube channel Really 3D makes a convincing argument that everything is more hilarious when it’s remade using computer animation. Their latest effort is a remake of Disney’s Steamboat Willie:

They’ve also made improvements to The Simpsons intro:

…and Breaking Bad

Amazingly, even CGI animation is improved when it’s remade in CGI:

  • Chris Smith

    Only inadvertently. CGI better than the 1920s Disney crew? Uh…no.

    • Ness

      Something tells me you didn’t watch the video…

  • Tang

    The Toy Story one is excellent too :)

  • Johnny

    Marge reading her Playboy issue was the best part and by best I mean Dear God Why?

  • Inkan1969

    Um, the 3D is bad on purpose, right?…

  • Ben Harcourt

    clap clap clap. I blame David O’Reilly for these monstrosities.

  • Crispy Walker

    Some of the comments on this are astounding. I don’t understand how fans of animation can have zero sense of humor. Of course the 3d is bad on purpose. Maybe this is why we have so many bad animated films lately — everyone’s taking themselves and the form WAY too seriously?

    • anyone else have a feeling like people in Silver Lake must love this stuff?

  • Googamp32

    Oh my word! These are all hideous!

  • George_Cliff

    I knew a guy in grade school who used to pick his nose and wipe it on anything new that he could find. Perhaps needless to say but he was a huge hit with the boys in my fourth grade class.

    I see a lot of his aesthetic in these Really3D videos.

  • Sketchyplace

    The future is now.

  • Josh Batchelder

    OMG the Breaking Bad one bahahaha. I can’t.

  • popyea

    The way it awkwardly shifts into motion captured animation is the best. I’ve developed a real taste for this stuff.

  • Beautiful! It’s so straight forward, so… unapologetic. I love it.

  • mick

    The jurassic park one was funniest

  • Preston Handyside

    All I can say about the short, due to its quality, is KILL IT WITH FIRE!!

  • the other tim

    The fight at the end is really funny, maybe funnier than the real film, but funny because the animation is so terrible.