“Swing Of Change” “Swing Of Change”

“Swing Of Change”

Harmony Bouchard, Raphael Cenzi, Joakim Riedinger and Andy Le Cocq, students at France’s ESMA School of the Arts (Ecole Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques), wanted to make a film dealing with racism “through the music in New York of the 30s”. Swing of Change is that film:

  • This was wonderful.

    It’s a wonderful, tasteful piece of work. It’s somewhat shameful that the French have the courage approach a topic like so directly this before Americans. (No mention of segregation in Princess and the Frog. No of course not.)

    This film deserves a nomination for some sort of award, without a doubt.

  • a very engrossing short film

  • Mike Johnson


    One little nitpick: when we first encounter the black musician outside of the barbershop, the trumpet we hear is one being played with a mute, and the one we see is not muted. To a musician like myself, it really stuck out.

    Still love the film though!

  • Madeline

    I’m soooooo glad it came full circle, and the old guy got his trumpet back! For the sake of the message, and so much music of African Americans having been stolen.

  • Kev

    Awesome. This is a great film. As an african american, I can really appreciate people doing something creative and uplifting with this subject matter.

  • There is something really wonderful here……bravo.

  • Mike

    Some interesting stuff here technically, but I thought the storytelling was pretty muddled and didn’t really feel like the short succeeded in grappling with the subject matter in any meaningful way.

  • TheVok

    I like it, but too bad the music didn’t swing, like the title suggested it would. :(