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The Pixar Story on TV tonight!


The television broadcast premiere of Leslie Iwerks documentary, The Pixar Story, will be on the STARZ cable channel tonight at 10pm EST/PST. It will be preceded by the feature presentations of Cars (6pm ET/PT) and Ratatouille (8pm ET/PT). Also visit starz.com for additional show times and two new Leslie Iwerks mini-docs, Emeryville Studio and the Love Lounge and Pixar University.

  • Does anyone know if/when/where a DVD version of this film will be available?

  • Rob T.

    I just had to mention that I found the Latin on the t-shirt logo hilarious, and to suggest that someone at Pixar needs to animate a commencement ceremony in which all the graduates are those little three-eyed dudes. (Maybe it could go into “Toy Story 3”?)

  • I second that. I’d like to see/own a copy of this documentary. And tonight I’m in class :(

  • Rob T: If my Latin is correct, it means “Alone (different, alien) no longer (or no more).

    I don’t mean to guano on your pompano.

    Semper ubi sub ubi.

    I think that Pixar University is one of the more interesting aspects of the studio that is still somewhat mysterious to the strangers from the outside. It’s nice to see it covered.

  • Some years ago, I was able to attend a Pixar University graduation ceremony.

    Very cool.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Now here I’ve been thinking of Pepperdine as P.U.

    Pixar U
    Oh sweet PU
    Thy fragrant odor fills the air
    A pox on Yale
    Poo poo Perdue
    Pixar U my college fair

    (As Chuck & Mike hit 10,000 RPM…)

    • Thundafive


  • Killroy McFate

    Ironically, the cute three-eyed alien they’ve adopted as Pixar U’s mascot was designed by Chris Sanders.

  • Keith Bryant

    Just saw it! LOVED IT!!!!

  • It has to be said:

    Good ol’ P.U.