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Meet the Georgian Simpsons ‘The Samsonadzes’

The country of Georgia now has a homegrown yellow cartoon family to call its own: The Samsonadzes.

If the clip above doesn’t convince you of the inspiration for these characters, check out the animated opening at the beginning of this video in the Guardian.

The creator of the series, Shalva Ramishvili, says in that video:

I want to say it straight–this is not The Simpsons. This is The Samsonadzes. This is all about a Georgian family, with Georgian jokes, Georgian plot, with Georgian developments, and with Georgian social humor. The fact that it is about a family rings a bell for people and there is a certain resemblance in the family name of course. And I would be proud if anyone compared this series with The Simpsons

(Thanks, Mike Grimshaw)

  • Looks more like a video game than an animated cartoon show. It doesn’t grab my attention as far as interest goes…another thing is, while the creator doesn’t want it to be called the next “Simpsons” show…he’s banking on the uniqueness of the Simpsons, and that is the color of the characters’ skin mainly being yellow.

    So really, it’s a Simpsons rip off…but not interesting enough to make gripes about.

  • Billy Batz


  • pheslaki

    Am I see things, or is the girl in the pink dress packing?

  • Sara H.

    It looks like the simpsons characters after being eaten by my cat then vomited back up on my rug.

  • keez

    The dad looks like Tom Green.

  • George

    Heh, it may be written in Georgian, but that’s Matt Groening font.

  • Wow. None of these designs have any appeal. Well, maybe the bird. Except the bird looks like it was a free pre-rigged model that came with the off the shelf 3D animation software they used to make this show.

  • FP

    Is this why Russia attacked these guys last year?

  • Bugs Jetstone

    Better than the Simpsons have been in years!

    Right? Up high! Here we go! Don’t leave me hanging!

  • doug holverson

    It’s almost enough to make Food Fight look good! Even make the Tracy Ullman Simpsons look less ugly and clunky.

    OTOH, even this isn’t hideous enough to make “Granny Jessica” look good….

  • Wow. This is just all sorts of horrible.

  • Owl At Home

    I wish this had more yelling in it.

  • FP:
    Not cool. Come on.

    At any rate, EEK!
    I swear, what is it with the flood of totally unappealing designs that have exploded onto the scene over this past decade? And it seems that ever since technology has enabled everyday people to create animation right in their home, any sense of texture, color coordination and composition have gone completely out the window. (Yes, I know this is an official series for Georgian TV, but it LOOKS like something someone created in their home.)

    I hate being a crank. I really do. It’s just that so much of what appears lately is so ugly and artless. Maybe this series will be funny. I dunno. But MAN…

  • Bugs Jetstone

    I think this was made by the Georgian mob to threaten viewers into giving them money.

  • arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

  • Warhead

    If I see ANY more of these cheap CG shows, I’m gonna blow my top!