<em>The Smurfs</em> teaser trailer <em>The Smurfs</em> teaser trailer
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The Smurfs teaser trailer

Introduced by Neil Patrick Harris: The Smurfs

(Thanks, Liam and Dave Alvarez)

  • They look like Blue Precious Moments figurines.

  • PeterGriffin


  • um…nope.

  • phil

    I feel like the Smurfs could have had a lot of potential if they stayed in their intended environment. Imagine a quaint, forest, old-world charm movie, it would be much more appetizing.

    No need for another *insert old cartoon character* VS. *insert busy city*

  • Ryan G

    How horrendous, I had no idea they were “modernising” this movie.


  • OtherDan

    So Kay knows that I’m not an old curmudgeon: here’s a classic that can only be better than the original which for some strange reason I smurfin watched!

  • JD

    This is some scary stuff. Papa Smurf is freakin’ me out. Don’t look into his eyes!

  • Jared Pettitt

    I kept thinking, “there’s no way they can one up how bad this already is,” but then SMURF’d fell from the sky, and then Wild Thing started playing, and then IN 3D!!!, and then SMURFHAPPENS

    It was like a perfect storm of the worst things you can possibly put in a trailer

  • Peyo is spinning in his grave… Ah, well, he must be used to it, by now.

  • Natt

    I don’t know how the creative executives responsible for this can keep their positions and sleep at night. They need to make more Cloudy with a chance of meatballs and less Smurfs. Run Popeye, run …. you’re next!

  • I didn’t know you could make a whole feature film starring the free public domain “gnome” models that came on your copy of Poser+! Thanks, Sony!

  • Blah

    Yup Peyo is spinning SO fast that if we attach a dynamo, we might have an actual solution to the energy crisis.

  • well… it looked awful, but since it’s in “3D!!!”, I’ll HAVE to see it.

  • Marc Baker

    Popeye already get similar treatment on the movie screen by Robin Williams, so it’s not like he’s still sacred, or anything.

  • This is just wrong…

  • Who designed the Smurfs for this movie? Why do they look like tiny garden gnomes?

    You already HAVE the design. It’s in the comic strip and the Hanna-Barbera cartoon. For the 3-D version, just look at any of the high-quality figurines produced recently and use that.

    Good grief. Forget the story. The ugliness of the main characters is enough to keep me away.

  • Hmm… Not so sure about this one. I agree with Phil’s comment – I’d prefer to see The Smurfs in their intended environment.

    I can’t believe that I actually wrote, “I’d prefer to see The Smurfs…”

    I’ll wait until the movie comes out to judge. In the meantime, I have to go wash out my eyeballs…

  • I reeeeally hope “The Snorks” is next!!! (fingers crossed)

  • erlab

    Why are they in Manhattan instead of a medieval setting?

    Why do they look ugly?

    Why does the trailer make us want to think the movie is full of hip hop tunes?

    Why did Sony make this?

    Why don’t the characters look as cartoony as the characters in their previous films?!?!

  • Phil

    I don’t know what else to say but-

  • This makes me want to die.

  • Jeffers

    Jarded Pettitt, my thoughts exactly. I don’t think anyone who reads the Brew is going to defend this movie, but if anyone has a different opinion I would be interested to hear it explained. This gave me the same sick feeling I got when I first saw the hip-hop CGI Alvin and the Chipmunks promotion. Did any of the writers for this actually read Peyo’s comic?

    The saddest thing about this is that it will probabbly go blockbuster and keep infecting other old cartoon properties with this formula. Where does Neil Patrick Harris fit in this movie? Is he Gargomel?

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    What the smurf?!?

  • AH

    Another childhood favorite, savagely raped of all it’s wonderment…..sigh….

  • The design of the eyes are extremely important to the identities of cartoon characters. Change just the eye design of any established character and it will tend to look strange and wrong. Why do they always change the eyes in these remakes to look like they are amusement park animatronics with ill-fitting glass eyes? Why can’t they just leave a nice black oval pupil in a white eye that is relatively the same shape and proportion as the original drawing? Wouldn’t that make sense?

  • Andrew

    Wow……I guess Sony should have been doing their market research on the guys who stay up until 2 am to watch a children’s movie teaser.

  • Andreas

    What’s with all the strikethroughs?

  • Justice For June Foray:


    Gotta copy/paste that link in your browser.

  • Why was only Lincoln Smurf’d on Mt. Rushmore?

    Looks like Smurfs are getting the same “vomit in your mouth” treatment Scooby Doo and Alvin and the Chipmunks did.

  • Rob

    The biggest problem I have is with the manhattan zoom-in. Why is times square in Battery Park?

  • Katie

    I’m going to file this one under Marmaduke and garfield.

  • the eyes!!!! the EYYYYEEEES!!!

    seriously though, must all cg characters have irises?

  • When did these Hollywood studios buy the rights to Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing?” Because every movie trailer nowadays seems to have that song somewhere in the mix.

  • Chuz

    I didn’t realize they were modernizing this movie either… ouch.

  • Roberto Severino

    Definitely not watching this next summer. Pass. This makes that crappy, already poorly done Hanna-Barbera version look brilliant.

  • Liesje

    Hopefully the Snorks movie will also be set in NYC, post-2012 when the entire city is submerged. “I’d buy that for a dollar!”

  • Chris Sobieniak

    “I don’t know what else to say but-”

    They raped our childhoods, admit it!

    “Why do they always change the eyes in these remakes to look like they are amusement park animatronics with ill-fitting glass eyes? Why can’t they just leave a nice black oval pupil in a white eye that is relatively the same shape and proportion as the original drawing? Wouldn’t that make sense?”

    I keep asking myself that for years. Too many of these cgi re-workings always seem to wanna go for the full monty and give us iris colors and all that. You would think it woulld not be that impossible to leave it alone, but perhaps someone thought it was too “fake” otherwise.

  • Wow. A faux dramatic intro AND Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing”? Someone’s really trying to win at trailer cliche Bingo.

  • mitten

    AAAHHHH Sheeit !!! Things are gonna get Crazae in NYC !! cuz they’re playin’ WILD THING by Ton Loc and that means things are gonna get Crazae !!!

    Let the Fart jokes begin!!

  • Warhead

    Uggh, why do those Smurfs look as though they’re dead?

    It doesn’t help that Papa Smurf is voiced by Jonathan Winters. Yes, THAT Jonathan Winters.

  • For the last 50 years, The Smurfs designs has undeniable charm that are so appealing that the figures sold to people that had no idea what a Smurf really is.
    The Smurfs magical forest and mushroom villages are arguably just recognizable as the smurfs themselves.

    Of course both these elements are gone and you are left with is Tone Loc. I have a feeling this movie will bomb, dudes.

    Hopefully the English-translation smurf comics hit the store first.

  • I want to see more before I jump on the “Oh god, why?” band wagon. Nothing looks terrible yet, at least not like Garfield, Marmaduke, Scooby Doo, and the Chipmunks did.

  • Liam Scanlan

    I bet Boomerang will air a Smurfs marathon to promote this.

  • The most brilliant thing about this trailer is it has all the earmarks of being a parody trailer. My guess is that someone is being tongue-in-cheek and purposefully misleading, specifically to drum up a bunch of Internet hate.

    I mean, they do have people talking fervently about a movie which would otherwise be more or less ignored, right?

  • A Smurf movie? In 3D? Definitely a sign of the Apocalypse.

  • Are you kidding?

  • I can’t wait til about 10 year from now when Hollywood starts ruining my childhood by making CGI/ live action remakes of my favorite shows like Animaniacs. ( I could totally see them making a movie off that)

  • lampshade

    fluffy you would make a good 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

    Anyways, I never liked the Smurfs in the first place; yet Hollywood has the habit of making bad things even worse.

  • Those eyes—wow!

    I wouldn’t be sticking up for the Smurfs’ integrity if they began and ended with Hanna-Barbera and ’80s nostalgia. Luckily, I also know about things like this…


    …which actually makes the ugly redesign worth getting steamed about.

  • FP

    Eh. Not intended for me. I hated the Smurfs, and this movie appears to treat the property as well as it deserves, as did the Garfield, Scooby, and Marmaduke movies. Too bad about Alvin, though.

  • Derek SM

    “It doesn’t help that Papa Smurf is voiced by Jonathan Winters. Yes, THAT Jonathan Winters.”

    While Winters won’t sound like the American animated Papa, at least he has a strong connection to the franchise as the voice of Grandpa Smurf. I’m curious, however–if Grandpa would appear, who would voice him?

  • Smurf-speak is my nominee for most annoying fad of the 80’s.

    I never actually caught the TV series so I’m not invested enough in it to worry that they are desecrating a classic.

    But anything that brings back smurf-speak must be bad.

  • T. Reynolds

    I watched this with my almost-3-year-old on my lap and upon seeing the Dbag in a suit, she said “That’s stupid.”

    Right on, child of mine, right on. The trailer didn’t get any better after that first 6 seconds.

  • Nick

    What the smurf have they done to the story. Why must it always be set in New York. And who thought that turning monuments blue would be funny… seriously, who? I can’t even see the logic in that, is it because the Smurfs are blue too, does that make it funny? Stupid teasers. I hope the actual thing isn’t as ridiculous.

  • Clutch

    Somewhere…film and marketing executives are thinking that they are really smart, edgy people, worthy of their bloated salaries. Somewhere..

  • tgentry

    Needs more Poochie. The lame out of date rap song is perfect though.

  • NC

    To answer people’s questions about the Irises. John K made a great point about this kind of thinking. It’s a matter of good ol’ American QUANTITY over QUALITY. Executives want to see their money put to good use, so if they see hyper realistic Smurfs, that’s a sign to them that the artists are working hard with their money. What they don’t realize is that making an appealing design similar to the original takes as much effort as making an ultra realistic version.

    It’s what John K calls “Dad’s definition of quality”, Dad only cares about whether or not a painting looks realistic and the artist painstakingly took months on it, to him that’s getting your money’s worth. He doesn’t care how the design and color elements work together create an emotional connection.

  • VinceP

    Yeah, well…wow. This reminds me so much of Garfield and Marmaduke it is eerie. I think they all may actually have the same plot too.

  • Holy shit.
    That..sucked more than anything has ever sucked before.
    And that is just the TEASER!!!

  • Angry Anim

    Everyone’s quick to get on their elitist soapbox, but there’s absolutely no way this thing isn’t going to be giant… especially considering how successful the less-appealing/more off-model Chipmunks movie was.

    People are going to be all over this when it comes out.

  • Angry Anim

    Oh… and I work at a rival studio. Reread what I wrote and it looks like I’m working on it.

  • Mr. Crankypants

    Why is it that the very first thing a live-action studio exec thinks of whenever they get the rights to a beloved cartoon character is, “Hey, let’s put ’em in New York!!!” (Katzenberg wanted to do this with Winnie The Pooh back in the mid-80’s. It didn’t happen then , but give it time…)

  • I am going to be sick.

  • I turned blue myself because I stopped breathing, so I guess the teaser works?

  • Kyle B

    “That..sucked more than anything has ever sucked before.”
    Nope, in this post-Marmaduke world the Smurfs are going to have to try harder.

  • PS: @ Blah, enjoy ;)

  • pheslaki

    Smurfs in space = good.
    Smurfs in Manhattan = bad.

    I’m sitting back quietly and waiting for the My Little Ponies movie.

  • Paul N

    I was never a fan of the Smurfs (which is a polite way of saying I loathed them), but it looked to me like they were pretty faithful to the original designs, eyeball redesign notwithstanding.

  • big bad balloon

    a smurfette panty shot might save this. papa smurf + tone loc = instant fail.

  • Roberto

    The comic is brilliant and they could do an awesome movie. Why are they doing this? Like others have said, the H-B tv show wasn’t great to begin with but this looks…argh!

    Too american, why can’t they keep their original location? What is Gargamel doing here? Are they going to use the time machine? If they live at Central Park, does that make any sense?

    I keep reminding that Neil Patrick Harris said the script was kind of clever. I have confidence in NPH , but I’m starting to suspect they parked a truck full of dollars in front of his house.

  • Oh no. What have they done?!

  • Mark

    The original comcs are beautiful, but if anyone would compare this to the crappy tv show, they’d have to admit they’re on the same level, creatively.

    And that’s not saying much.

  • Big Bad Balloon… you clearly have issues…

  • “Too american, why can’t they keep their original location? What is Gargamel doing here? Are they going to use the time machine? If they live at Central Park, does that make any sense?”

    My guess is that they’re going to do a children adaptation of The Visitors.

  • Oh, you KNOW it’s gonna be good when our world is gonna get “SMURF’d!”

  • amid

    SmurfHappens.com? How appropriate that they’re using the word Smurf as an alternative to the word Shit.





  • I agree with Mark and others here…

    Let’s face it, folks, they didn’t exactly have prime original material to work from. Yeah, I know, the purists say “but the original comic strip was well done.” That may be true, but this isn’t based on that, it’s based on the absolutely HORRENDOUS Saturday morning cartoon.

    It’s like they are trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear….only to end up with another sow’s ear.

    More disturbing to me is the Hollywood trend to take inspiration (if it can be called that) from material that doesn’t even qualify as B-grade stuff and spend millions to crank out really bad movies.

    Then again, I’d rather see them make bad movies from bad cartoons than bad movies from great ones.

  • This is a complete mockery and an out right insult to the medium of cartoons, animation and ordinary people.

    If you have no imagination but your loaded with money and you want to make a film just make a porno. Just leave the classics alone!

  • Wonderful. Absolutely nothing new here at all. Same old city, an old property, ironically dated ‘update’ of theme song, ‘wacky antics’ and fish out of water story. It’s so utterly formulaic it leaves me speechless, not because I’m stunned, I just don’t care anymore.

    3D is also proving itself to be the most persistent fad, with support form studio bigwigs because of it’s ‘pirate-killing’ and subsequent moneymaking powers, little else. It’s only driving up ticket prices and sooner or later I hope the system collapses and they realise why people really love going to the pictures.

    Why isn’t Hollywood dead yet? The current system is like watching a half-dead bug drag itself down the pavement to nowhere, just holding on, just surviving, existing.

  • Mac

    What bothers me the most is it appears to be another story where creatures of a mythical historic world turn up in modern day America. It’s so lame and unimaginative, it’s unbearable. I know a lot of people think that anything with the Smurfs has to be crap, but I think the basic idea of tiny people in a medieval world offers limitless potential for an imaginative story.

    I also find it an odd trend how a lot of family movies are being promoted with tag lines which ‘humorously’ evoke a vulgar and sweary turn of phrase. ‘Smurf Happens’, ‘Munk Yourself’, ‘Where my Witches’ at?’, ‘What the Shrek’, what’s next?

  • Tonma

    Damn!! I was betting that after the ‘big_blast/turntable_screeech/ loud_electric_gutar_noise’ moment they’ll use David Bowie’s ‘Blue jean’

    No wait!! ‘Day dream in blue’! …….. nah.. not mainstream enough….

  • ekuska

    Jarred and Chris McD said it best.. To add to that:

    If studio heads feel that the eyes need to be made hyper realistic to get any sort of ‘connection’ with the characters, I would like to point out that Muppets work quite well and have no eye movement let alone blinking. Wallace and Grommit also come to mind with their dark pupils.

    Im just amazed that Sony decides to remove the cute factor from these characters.. Brave choice Sony. Not sure why you are throwing out the blueprints for iconic characters, but you must have your reasons.. Maybe they thought they had the rights to Troll dolls and not Smurfs.


  • BobbyZ


    While watching your trailer, we really felt a connection with your characters. There was just so much emotion, especially with their eyes.


    All the motion captured zombies in Zemeckis movies

  • Us Belgians are NOT happy.

    Very very very very very wrong.

  • JMatte

    I guess we’re getting “Enchanted” with Smurfs.
    Actually, that would be a good thing if the beginning of the film was 2D animated!
    The Smurf eyes creep me out too. It may work better when animated.
    I’ll try and think of something positive…erm…
    Hank Azaria looks good as Gargamel?

  • I think this is great. I cant wait to see it! 3D is perfect for 80s cartoons like Smurfs, Garfield, Scooby Doo, Chipmunks and He Man!

    (whispered aside) Everyone keep repeating that and maybe we can divert the studios away from classic cartoons into defecating all over stuff that doesn’t matter.

  • James Crispy

    Can’t wait for the opening weekend receipts!

  • I dig ya, Steven Worth, but the Smurfs comics were pretty great, and doesn’t compare to the likes of He-Man or Garfield.

  • Mark

    Names to Remember:

    Ben Haber …. executive producer
    Jordan Kerner …. producer
    Paul Neesan …. executive producer
    Ezra Swerdlow …. executive producer

    And I’m sure the “animation” will be up to the same “standards” as the cg garfield/alvin & the chipmunks/marmaduke ilk.

  • I HATE 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not to mention how bad the rest of it is–why are the Smurf’s in the city??????????

  • The humanity! The humanity!

  • Brendan Spillane

    Does anyone remember that hilarious scene in “The Full Monty” which featured a very inopportune puppet show with lawn gnomes? There’s nothing even REMOTELY funny in this one-minute trailer!

  • Alissa

    Those eyes… I didn’t know it was possibly to make the smurfs more souless that they already were. Here’s hoping that Gargamel actually kills those abominations within the first five minutes of the movie…

  • Tim D

    I hate this trailer.
    I hate this hyper-real CGI style.
    I hate the eyes.
    I hate that they used this song.
    I hate “IN 3D”.
    I hate blue (now).
    I hate “next summer”.
    I hate that this movie exists.
    I hate it’s sequel and the “new and improved” TV spinoff.

  • Hal

    Doogie Howser gotta eat and buy more contemporary art.

    I honestly didn’t see those shitty graffiti tag style 3d graphics of “SMURF’D” landing in the middle of Times Square coming. PLEASE let these Smurfs be ghetto fab… or at least have one token purple Smurf who’s a rapper and wears his baggy pants too low. Otherwise, you really haven’t updated this properly to be Hip and Edgy.

    Regardless, its happening at this point and none of us are really going to see it (if you have kids and cave in, then shame on YOU), but at least ALVIN money got FANTASTIC MR FOX made, so something unexpected may come from SONY if it makes stupid amounts of money. If not, then it failed. Nothing but win.

  • Sigh

    Someone needs to be kicked in their tiny blue balls for this.

  • charles xavier

    I am personally looking foward the the Papa Smurf breakdance scene.

  • Shmorky

    people actually care what happens to the Smurf franchise? Who cares, it’s the fucking smurfs. They’re useless.

  • Peter of Parties

    Thanks for posting this on my birthday! oh no, wait…

    I hope I never have to see this film. Actually I hope nobody see this pile of tosh!

  • Doug Drown

    I wish I’d never seen this.

  • purin

    They look better from a distance?

    Remember that MADTV sketch about a live action Smurfs movie? That was smurfier than this.

  • Damon

    I’m not an animator or don’t work in the industry just a regular moviegoer from what some of you might call “flyover” country. And while I was never a big fan of the Smurfs and hate the whole fish out of water scenario, I have to see I kind of like the designs of the Smurfs. Doesn’t mean I’ll pay money to see it, maybe HBO a year later, just saying I like the design.

    Of course this movie screwed up in casting. How do you not cast Jeffrey Tambor as Gargamel?

  • No ‘Bad Ideas’ tag, Jerry?

  • cb

    This is so amazing, it works as both parody and actual trailer. I have a hard time believing this is real but at the same time I don’t. By that I mean I really want to believe this is a joke, and if it isn’t, then wow. This is totally fantastic. It’s really art on so many levels, you just don’t know.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Incidentally, that parody mentioned earlier of a live-action Smurfs movie was SNL’s, not MAD TV as I remember.

    “I also find it an odd trend how a lot of family movies are being promoted with tag lines which ‘humorously’ evoke a vulgar and sweary turn of phrase. ‘Smurf Happens’, ‘Munk Yourself’, ‘Where my Witches’ at?’, ‘What the Shrek’, what’s next?”

    You just wonder. The bright young guys in marketing these days probably grew up on that stuff in their homes and now have the opportunity to spring that on an unsuspecting American public.

    “Hopefully the English-translation smurf comics hit the store first.”

    I’m hoping that would be the thing that will happen, but I doubt so unless some publisher isn’t smart enough to ride on whatever success/failure this movie will ensue.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Bothering to comment on something directly in the trailer this time, it’s a shame they didn’t add white Phrygian caps to all the heads on Mount Rushmore (let alone on top of the Eiffel Tower and all that). That would’ve looked perfect than the photoshop’d coloring seen here.

  • Dan

    Why the smurf doesn’t this movie taking place in medieval times, smurf this!

  • Tekena

    I just smurfed in my pants.

  • The Smurfs Forest was a great place for adventure. WTF are they doing in modern day NYC ??? Will Donald Trump be playing the role of Gargamel? Can they leave NOTHING alone?

  • rezz

    Sony was doing so well with CG movies that were so far and different from one another… Surfs Up, Cloudy ………….whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy

  • David Mackenzie

    Why have they made them look like porous, wrinkly, ugly little goblins you would want to stamp on? I thought the original comics were meant to look appealing?

  • I like the Smurfs. (My nephew still has my old miniatures and playsets; I always loved those!)

    As far as I’m concerned, the best Smurf-anything ever produced is THE SMURFS AND THE MAGIC FLUTE (which was faithful to the original Belgian comics). That was a great movie. The Hanna-Barbera series had its moments. But because of that series, Americans think it’s just some lame American Saturday-morning creation, when it’s really not. (The current Boomerang reruns use one of the later season main title sequences in all of their airings!!!)

    This film had better have a cameo by Johann and Peewit, at least! If it’s just the Smurfs and Gargamel & Azrael, I’m out. I’m already disappointed in the plot as it is (even if Hank Azaria looks great as Gargamel).

    It’s like the ROBOT CHICKEN parodies have become the official remake versions of THE SMURFS.

  • Simon

    Of course – of course! – they’re using “Everybody dance now” on the soundtrack. What are the chance there will be a “Who Let The Dogs Out”-backed routine where the Smurfs try on funny hats?

  • Simon

    Excuse me, it’s “Wild Thing” which is just as cliched a soundtrack choice as “Everybody Dance Now”.

  • I thought smurfs were supposed to be cute. They should just make a 2 hour cartoon movie.

  • Sam

    Where’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2? I rather watch that than this…

  • I always secretly hope that when I see this exact same trailer for other childhood properties that the trailer is just made to look crappy but when you go to see the film it’s actually true to the spirit of the world & characters and the story is well thought out and not cynical & you end up becoming engaged and having a good, quality movie-going experience that is worth the time & money that you put into it.

    …but that never happens.

  • @ Eric- Hank Azaria is playing Gargemel.

  • troy j. reyes

    walk thru a shoot they doing for this film in mid town manhattan, asked a member of the crew what film were they making-he said -THE SMURFS-i said-in disbelief-no, no smurfs! no freaking smurfs-no frenchie, socialistic, one woman in the whole tribe smurfs!! no! NOOOO! oh god no! noooo!

  • I actually can imagine the by myself the “hottest” scenes of the whole film just by seeing this ugly trailer, then I want to see if all that I wrote will be the same on the cinema screens, shall we?

    1-hip-hop music or a 80’s revival pumped out while the smurfs are breakdancing under the unbelievable eyes of their new human friends; (Mc Donalds will use this footage for thousands of time to promote the happy meal)

    2- Garagamel and his cat that get dress like drags while he’s trying to follow the smurfs through NY in a taxi cab; in a meanwhile a male cat is in love with the cat of Gargamel and, while he’ll be trying to flirt with him, he’ll ruin the plans of the evil duo with lots of gags

    3- I don’t know you…but I imagine that the smurfette will be a tiny version of Fergie, the one from Black Eyed Peas, ready to seduce all the male audience

    moral of the story: all those 3D movies with cartoon charachters are just a clichè, an illogical trend of those years, as we saw with Scooby Doo, Garfield, the coming Speedy Gonzales or the movie with Marvin the Martian….and then who knows?

    why producers don’t understand that is just a huge waste of money to offer things without a good content and instead make something better?? there’re lots of creative people outside with great projects, they should give MORE attention to them!

  • Scott Ecker

    “Smurf Happens,” that’s close to an inappropriate expletive, I am totally going to take my kids to see this.

  • Anna

    Manhattan – check. “smurf” in place of obvious noun – check. Epic narration opening wannabe – check. 3D forced down our throats again – double check.
    Did the “lets rape the 80s some more!” list of unoriginality miss anything else?

    Well, this seems like a waste of some programmers’ time and cracked keyboards.

  • E. L. Kelly II

    I’m just gonna soothe myself and tell myself that this is a joke.
    I tell myself there will be a Smurf movie, but it won’t be SMURF’D.
    They might even start the film off in that Forest Primeval with mushroom houses that everyone wants, only to transfer into NYC mid-second act or something. Maybe Hank Azaria will do a good job in all this curdled turd.
    At the worst, it’ll be depressing, but not unusually depressing, par for the course Hollywood big-budget mishmoosh. But the tone of this thing, I hope, won’t match this trailer, which is just out there to rile us up; perhaps arouse a little mockery [and, simultaneously, curiosity] from cartoon purists and Internet junkies who’ll be duped into following this production with a Nelson Muntz “HA-ha!”. At least we’re aware of it, then!

    Let’s see…the Hanna-Barbera SatAM cartoon was some rungs beneath mediocre. If this movie is, also, well, there’s no loss. The only group with a true axe to grind are fans of Peyo’s comic. They’re screwed. And even then, its only as long as the film is in the public eye.
    And if, for some blessed, unknowable reason, the whole thing ends up entertaining, then….

    So, I’ll hold a sliver of hope…
    Or apathy.

  • looney lover

    I wish cgi cartoons didn’t have to have human eyes. Consumers need to speak out against stupid redesigned retro cartoons. If you want your kids to like smurfs or alvin show them the original cartoons not some weird cgi thing with the title slapped on

  • This is crappier than Alvin and ´Chipmunks but it reminds me of it,
    the lame translation to 3d of the simple desings in 2d.

    Imagine if us Americans hate it…..the European public is gonna faint when they see this.

  • ZAR

    If you live in Belgium and your government suddenly announced that they are going to shut down all the power plants in your country as they have found a much cheaper way of producing electricity and heat…

  • ZAR

    It may have actually something to do with Peyo spinning in his grave!

  • What’s interesting is the marketing angle they took with the movie URL at the end. Subconsciously very cynical.

  • outta_know_betta

    This is the culmination of all human civilization!

    Theaters ought to be required to have vomitoriums in house.

  • Charles

    LOOL. The should title this SMURFS AND THE CITY. Watch out New York!

  • Rooniman

    CGI!!! BAD!!!