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“Thunderbirds Are Go” Returns in CG

New Zealand’s Weta Workshop (Lord of The Rings) is teaming up with Pukeko Pictures (Jane and The Dragon) to revive Gerry Anderson’s classic marionette series Thunderbirds, according to a report today at Deadline Hollywood.

This time the new series, titled Thunderbirds Are Go, will be made in CG. According to the site:

Twenty-six half hours have been ordered for air on ITV and CITV in the UK in 2015. The new series will be produced using a unique mix of CGI animation and live-action model sets while also paying tribute to the legacy of model locations from Anderson’s original.

  • Perdo Nakama


  • Ed Thompson

    I won’t completely dismiss it without seeing it, but I am very skeptical. Most remakes, whether of movies or tv shows (or movies based on tv shows) end up disappointing the fans who remember the original and getting ignored by those who don’t remember them.

  • Ted

    The Marionettes were a fun idea, but got tiresome after the first few minutes. I welcome any remake.

  • Shazbot

    Talk about uncanny valley…

    • DBenson

      What was cool about THUNDERBIRDS was that the hardware and settings were persuasive even when the puppets weren’t. Watching now, I still get a bit boggled by the realization of how huge some of those sets had to be — and how insanely small the main puppets and props were, considering the scale they conveyed onscreen. You forgave a lot of nonsense because you were looking at something big that, somehow, really existed — very rare for kids’ TV, where everything was either limited animation or actors on tiny sets.

      The challenge for a revival is to capture the wonderment of Real Stuff in an age where CGI and effect-heavy shows like Power Rangers have drained all the novelty from it. Also, it will have to be as intelligent and sophisticated for today’s kids as we THOUGHT it was, before we realized how unintentionally silly it was away from the actual nailbiter rescues.

      Modern kids may go for a new THUNDERBIRDS. But parents & grandparents will harshly grade it compared to the impossible-to-recreate impact of Anderson’s original.

  • Geez, why not just do all CGI like the CAPTAIN SCARLET remake?

    But then, at least they’re using miniatures for the locales…

    It’s a shame the pilot for THUNDERBIRDS I.R. (Gerry Anderson’s own response to TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE) will never be made into a series.

  • SamSchulz

    Actually, I was hoping for a remake of a live action Tbirds written and directed by Joss Whedon.

  • Tom

    I have to give it to them, I can’t think of any better way to shit on Gerry Anderson’s grave.

  • Thunderbirds look crappy, but that’s the charm; it uses marionettes. Using CGI to replicate that just sounds pointless. I hope they’ll do something else.

  • Would’ve been cooler to see Stingray come back…

    • DBreneman

      It wouldn’t be the same if Phones was wearing earbuds.

  • matt

    Oh man, it’s really sad to see all these unthinking CG IS SHIT writeoffs.

    Do you guys know who Richard Taylor is (the Kiwi one, not the American one from Tron days)? How much a part of the oldschool practical effects world he is?

    Did no-one pay any attention to the fact it will use cg AND live-action miniatures?

    My own concern is with the length. One of the unique things that gave Thunderbirds its flavour was the quasi-2 act structure. You’d get a faux-climax halfway through, which would build to the actual climax. And also allowed for the heroic scope. They might do multi-episode stories this time but it will change that unique personality.

    But man, the myopic hate here is amazing. Choosing Weta and Taylor is the OPPOSITE of shitting on Anderson’s grave. Whedon WOULD be.

  • joe

    Bring it back to the USA my favorite cartoon of all times.