TONIGHT: Pixar Shorts on ABC Family TONIGHT: Pixar Shorts on ABC Family

TONIGHT: Pixar Shorts on ABC Family

Pixar Shorts

Tonight on ABC Family, a two-hour presentation of almost all of the Pixar shorts produced to date. It’s the first time that most of the shorts have appeared on TV. The program runs from 7-9PM ET/PT (and again from 9:00PM-11:00PM ET/PT). Two encore presentations will air on the network on Friday, December 18 at 10PM ET/PT and Saturday, December 19 at 6PM ET/PT. The shorts stretch back to the pre-Pixar short Adventures of Andre & Wally B all the way through Presto. A complete list of shorts being aired can be found in this press release. Of course, I can’t let this opportunity slip by without suggesting that you pick up my book The Art of Pixar Short Films, which was created to serve as a companion to the dvd Pixar Short Films Collection, Volume 1.

  • Inkan1969

    Will “Knick Knack” still be censored?

  • amid

    Inkan1969: Knick Knack was never censored. The director, John Lasseter, decided on his own to create a revised version of the film. That is the version he prefers to currently use. The issue is discussed in my book.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Figured someone would ask that immediately, thanks Amid for setting it straight (despite what some would think).

  • Jay Sabicer

    It would be considered the “flattened” version of Knick Knack for two reasons – the objets d’attention has been given a little plastic surgery for the latest version, and it was originally done for a polarized 3D presentation (perhaps for SIGGRAPH?).

  • Rob

    I noticed this too late to see the first run but I’m definitely going to watch the encore presentation tonight.

  • Thats great

  • Jim

    I am always glad to see mainstream support for short films, but I wish Pixar would do something with their shorts other than just pile a bunch of gags together.

  • Shame they won’t be playing Partly Cloudy and Dug’s Special Mission. Oh, and I prefer the “flattened” out version of Knick Knack as well. It makes it less awkward to watch with family.

  • I really enjoyed that. I saw a few I’d never seen before. They also included the “Toy Story” bumper segments that used to air on ABC Saturday Morning.

    Warning: The “Mater” cartoons get old really quick….they should have just stuck with one of those, not a series!

  • Kyle Maloney

    Hey guys don’t forget to tune in to ABC Family for Santa Baby 2, only on ABC Family as part of ABC Family’s 25 days of Christmas! In fact I think I need to see more banners because I only have a memory span of, oh 15 seconds. And my eyes are bad so I need the banners to take up most of the screen. My 50 inch tv just isn’t big enough, I can’t make out anything. and make sure to put a Santa on it flailing his arms around or I might not notice.

    In all seriousness I enjoyed seeing the shorts in HD, I couldnt bring myself to buy the blu ray collection for the price they charge.

  • Ed

    I’ll have to catch it next time. I didn’t check in here in time. LOL It’ll be real cool to see near all of them in one spot. Now maybe I’ll finally pick up the collection DVD and Jerry’s book. :)

  • Scott

    ” than just pile a bunch of gags together.”

    Yeah—I hate when cartoons are funny…

  • “Tin Toy” looked edited. The cartoon seemed to just end abruptly. I’ve never seen this cartoon before, but looking at it now, it’s obvious where they got “Toy Story” from.

  • Jim

    Scott — I love cartoons and I love laughing, but animation is capable of so much more. There are plenty of independent animated films that explore broader, more complex themes in a mature way. I think it’s telling that when I was talking about animated short films you translated that to “cartoons”. Cartoons are great, but it’s like eating cotton candy for three meals a day. Sometimes you want potatoes, and vegetables, and maybe even a steak.

  • I can’t help but be reminded of Eddie Murphy. When young, he was wild and over the top with all kinds of borderline material. Once a family man his films suddenly become Disney-ish.

    I see nothing wrong with the original “Knick Knack,” and I preferred it over the revised version.

  • Matt

    I had to cringe at some of the bumper animations with the Toy Story characters introducing the shorts, when they would return from a commercial break. Ugh.. It’s so strange seeing Pixar characters that were badly animated.

    My favorite Pixar shorts are tied between For the Birds and Presto. They need to make their characters more pliable, though. Even in Presto, the magician looks a bit stiff. I’d like to see Pixar go all out on a Looney Tunes-esque, cartoony flick, similar to Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, or Horton Hears a Who.

    And don’t even get me started on the possibility of Pixar doing a Marvel characters movie. Oh.. I’ll geek out hardcore if that happens.

  • I caught a few shorts I’m familiar with, and a few that I’ve wanted to see for a while.

    Is ABC Family becoming the new Disney Channel? (By that I mean, they seem to be showing a lot of programming that actually appeals to everyone, as the Disney Channel once did.)

  • J

    As much as I enjoy most of their features, for some reason I never really liked any of the Pixar shorts much. Am I the only one?

  • ZigZag

    To me, the shorts Pixar produces peaked with Geri’s Game. There was such a unique way of looking at ideas and objects throughout all of their shorts in the early years. But then, for some reason, they all turned into simplified concepts with few surprises (ie: Lifted, Boundin’, and One-Man Band). I admired Presto for its homage to classic WB toons, and I’ll celebrate Partly Cloudy because Pete Sohn was a classmate of mine. But in the end, even those shorts have a ways to go before they can get to something as solid as Geri’s Game or Knick Knack. Even Tin Toy and Red’s Dream had some wonderful bits and surprises here and there. I can’t think of any short that has surprised me since when “Geri’s Game” did.

    And I can’t say with enough enthusiasm how much I agree with Jim. I personally feel that it is the responsibility of companies like Pixar and Dreamworks to push the medium as they can, because they can afford to fail. They waste so much money on their feature films as it is…it’d just be nice to see people really stretching the medium again.

    But then again, I think that Pixar’s been slipping in the feature department with every film that came out after The Incredibles (though I haven’t seen Up yet)…tho I know I’m in the minority on this opinion.

  • Guy

    Jim: Really? I wish they’d be funny.

    And not feel like tech demos.