“Tous des Monstres” Will Keep You Awake Tonight “Tous des Monstres” Will Keep You Awake Tonight

“Tous des Monstres” Will Keep You Awake Tonight

Tous des Monstres (All of the Monsters) is a student film from Supinfocom directed by Nicolas Deprez, Laurent Jaffier, Pierre Lippens and Gabrielle Lissot. It’s NSFW, but more than that, the imagery is just plain disturbing. The tight little story they constructed around the visuals, with Pinocchio-esque undertones, is impressive for a student CG short, and shows the value of focusing on story and character as well as technique and animation.

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  • Matt G

    These filmmakers have clearly heard of the old male oriented joke that goes:
    “Why do you call a womans midsection and waist? …
    Because you could easily fit another pair of…”

  • That’s just messed up. Kudos to the filmmakers for putting a kink in my think.

  • Paul Dini

    Now that’s how they should reboot Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

  • Wow…that was…amazing. The part where she broke his legs made my physically sick to my stomach. This film is gorgeous, but…yikes. T___T

    • Seconded. I felt a physical shock run through my body.

  • Mike Johnson

    It’s like Tim Burton meets Neil Gaiman…I love it!

  • Krayon S.

    ๏_๏….You can’t tell me that original story that that F**ed up. A Disfigured boy trying to get affection and trying to fit in with his peers and turning into the hunchback of Notre Dame to a Teenage Mutant Turtle and get abused yet torched with love (in a selfish and disturbing way) .

    And after just watching Precious(the movie)……He made that Heifer seems like she just went to Disneyland. Yet that was a Awesome and yet very disturbing story!

    What worst I’m about to go to sleep after watching this…….. ๏̯๏

  • I don’t feel comfortable with this film’s story. It’s technically OK, it follows the rules – but I don’t like the subject at all, because we have real-life crippled beggars here in the streets of Berlin, children and adults. Victims of war, or of a poisoned land, they come and try to survive. There’s definitely no circus side show or other romantic frostening involved.

    • dear slowtiger, your reasoning is plain unreasonable: according to you, one should not show what exists in real life. Furthermore, you imply that beggars and cripples have a happy-go-to haven in France. I would assume that real-life crippled beggars exist in Valenciennes, same as in Berlin, in Hamburg (where I live) or any other place on earth. Further-furthermore, you imply that a circus side show would be a romantic-frostening-type place for the disfigured. Not being disfigured myself, I would guess along the lines of Tod Browning’s “Freaks” and “The Elephant Man” and say that, no, a circus side show ain’t really romantic… But the little film is, in in an odd, neat way.

      happy frostening to you,

  • Very disturbing. But atmospheric and very well done.
    Must-see viewing for all kiddies who dream of running off to join the circus.

  • dr. truth

    WHOAAA…cannot watch this on my work computer. lol

  • Walter Keane on LSD. . .

    • Melissa

      Or Margaret…the real artist behind Walter.

  • Dr. Ivo Robotnik

    What a sadistic and depressing story.

  • Wow, the most beautiful (and longest) cutaway joke from FAMILY GUY ever!
    No, I’m serious. It’s just the parody of a cliche, done in the most obvious and shocking way. Okay, in FAMILY GUY it would have been done in less than 30 seconds and very, very limited animation (and they would probably put a rape joke somewhere in there), but I don’t see how this “shows the value of focusing on story and character as well as technique and animation”.

  • I’m scarred for life.

  • I’m going to invent a word for how this made me feel: yeeeck.

  • Brian Kidd

    Disturbing, yes, though haunting and beautiful. I thought the character models were especially well-done.