aesopsfableshankie420.jpg aesopsfableshankie420.jpg

Aesop’s Fables Hankie Book


Is it a book or a set of hankerchiefs? I’m not exactly sure what this is, but clearly it’s another example of bizarre Van Beuren cartoon merchandise from the early 30s. Brew reader Anita Holmes found it and shared these photos (click on images below to enlarge) with us. Beloved Van Beuren regulars Don Dog, Puffie, Al Squirrel and The Countess each get a full page (or hankie).

The hard to see words on the bottom left hand side say, “‘Tis Maytime and the fables gang Are dressed in colors bright. Genuine Aesop’s Fables Film Characters.” The right hand bottom says “We watched them as they danced around The pole in sheer delight.” Copyright Sept. 1, 1931 by The W.R. Woodard Co. By Permission of Van Beuren Corporation.


  • Tom Pope

    “…and shot it just for fun.” Very nice message for kids, Al Squirrel.

  • Pop-eyed

    I’m scared … hide me.

  • Don

    So, if Al Squirrel shot a bee just for fun, why is he hoisting that recently expired rabbit by the ears? And how does a squirrel get off owning a hunting dog, which is larger than he is?