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All About Arnold Stang


New York freeform radio station WFMU has one of the best blogs devoted to alternative pop culture and strange music. Today’s post by Kliph Nesteroff celebrates character actor Arnold Stang (voice of Top Cat, Herman Mouse, and numerous other cartoon characters). It’s an entertaining overview of Stang’s still-active career (he’s 89!) with lots of fun images and links.

  • uncle wayne

    Oh, Wow! As a voice-actor myself…a real Sunday morning treat!! And what a great treat to see a “faux” Herman & Katnip film, “Naughty but Mice”(but with Sid’s voice, still, as the cat!) Great!! (Astonishing to see the entire Noveltoon jack-in-the-box uncut, too!

  • Christopher Cook

    Great stuff about Arnold Stang. I’d wondered why Hanna-Barbera was unable to get him to voice Top Cat in 1972’s “Yogi’s Ark Lark” (I love Daws Butler, but he was miscast to voice T.C. in that episode) but they got him for T.C. in 1985’s “Yogi’s Treasure Hunt” show.

  • Steve Burstein

    For years, people I’ve spoken to have insisted that Arnold Stang is dead.Where do they get this?

  • Cliff Galbraith

    Glad to see you mention WFMU — it’s my favorite station to draw to. But I’m not sure how WFMU is a “New York” station. It’s in Jersey City, NJ. While those in NYC may listen to it, and there are announcements for gigs in NYC are included along with shows in Jersey, it is firmly planted and licensed in NJ. While the NY Giants and the NY Jets maintain their ties with NY even though they’ve played in the the New Jersey Meadowlands for decades, WFMU has never pretended to be a New York station.

    WFMU was originally part of Upsala College in East Orange, which is now defunct. While some of the DJ’s may be from NYC, none actually come to mind. It does broadcast into NY state through WXHD, Mount Hope, but its transformer and studio are in Jersey.

  • Mr. Semaj

    There was a recent discussion at Billy West’s forum where West tells that Stang was the original voice of Buzz Bee (from the Honey Nut Cheerios commercials), instead of Sterling Holloway.

  • A comment on the WFMU blog leads to a site that reproduces a Top
    Cat record from the 60s (a spoof of Robin Hood). For some reason
    Daws Butler provides TC’s voice there, too. Sounds like Hokey Wolf
    has somehow infiltrated the gang…