An Unabashed Plug An Unabashed Plug

An Unabashed Plug


We’ve talked about it for weeks. Today’s the day. Support the cause.

Buy the Woody Woodpecker DVD collection.

  • I hope it’ll be a best-seller! It’s worth the price only for “Abou Ben Boogie”.

  • Martin Bell

    I’ve had mine shipped from, they only charged me $4.50 for international shipping. Bargain, in my book. Watch UK customs tax me a fortune, though.

  • Paul

    Mine’s coming next week as a twofer with the Popeye set. I don’t know how I’m going to get any work done come next Wednesday…

  • Joe Busam

    My daughter pre-ordered it for my Birthday last week. Sometimes Amazon ships early and manages to get new releases on your doorstep on the street date. Here’s hoping that happens, not only with Woody but with Popeye next week.

  • I picked it up on my lunchbreak. The cartoons look fantastic. Disc two alone is worth the price. Hell, it’s worth it just for “Abu Ben Boogie” and “The Greatest Man In Siam”. This set is a real treat, especially for Culhane fans. His greatest cartoons are all here.

  • Severin

    It seems like i’m the only one who’s picking up this set only for Barber of Seville.

  • Frank Young

    I *never* thought these ’30s and ’40s Lantz cartoons would ever be issued on DVD. I bought the last copy my local Best Buy had in stock–at 11:30 AM! They were literally flying off the shelves there.

    Even if some of the other cartoons are weak, content-wise, the 16 Shamus Culhane cartoons–and the four Tex Averys–make this an essential purchase for anyone who loves classic animation.

    Some of the Dick Lundy cartoons are fascinating–their content is inept and ill-conceived, but the gorgeous, baroquely flowing animation and piquant character designs will knock your socks off! They are, visually, the epitome of the late ’40s, pre-UPA cartoon look.

  • Martin – As the DVD is under $30, anyone in the UK should be fine with customs as long as you don’t order anything else with it; mine shipped today too and I absolutely can’t wait!

    I’ve never seen a Culhane Woody to my knowledge due to the previous scarcity. Thanks Jerry; I hope Universal is delighted with the seeming strong sales.

  • Cyber Fox

    I won’t get my copy until next month due to a bit of an irony on a count of I pre-ordered both Woody Woodpecker DVD and Brain Age 2 from

  • Mr. P

    Picked up the DVD this morning after counting down the days since I read about it in Cartoon Brew. Tanx a’lot!!
    Beautiful, beautiful set! Nice mastering job on the color & B&W films.
    Just a quick reminder, there’s some very early Tex Avery animation, as well as his last theatrical cartoons included as well.
    A big thanks to all involved with assembling this project, well done!
    Next Tuesday, Popeye!! Life is good!!

  • Dan

    Everyday I read and see more and more great stuff about this DVD. I already dropped some coin on the Popeye DVD but, I kinda want this one too. Maybe, eventually, I’ll buy it.

  • Keith Paynter

    Waiting from (free postage means slower delivery – probably Thursday). For me, it’s worth it simply for Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy and The Legend Of Rockabye Point. I’ve never seen Oswald shorts so this will be an education.

  • Picked it up yesterday at Best Buy on my break (couldn’t wait for pre-order!) and am leisurely going through Disc 1. The packaging is fabulous and the old Oswald cartoons were surprisingly good. Woody is Woody, with all that entails.

    I’d read about all the different opening cards Lantz used and I’m surprised he never really stuck with one till later on… you’d think one consistent design would grant the studio more of an identity than they had. That said, they are great to look at and Darrell Calker’s music is tremendous, especially in “Hollywood Troubadour.” Long story short, you can’t call yourself an animation buff if you don’t pick this up.

  • King Klunk

    Except for the cover art (which makes it resemble, sadly, far inferior public domain DVDs) this has got to be the definitive set of Woody Woodpecker. There are a few more great Swing Symphonies not included (such as ‘Boogie Woogie Man, ‘Boogie Woogie Sioux’, ‘Scrub Me Mama With a Boogie Beat’ among others) but this is a quibble – this set is Solid Ivory!! Drink some ‘Woodpecker Tonic’ and get this set right now!!!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Aside from having read a few state the copies were flying off the shelves, my Best Buy still had plenty of copies when I bought mine at 2PM yesterday, so perhaps it’s more of a local/regional thing if it varies from city to city (perhaps I’m one of the few who cared to buy the set in the first place).

  • Keith Paynter

    Canadian buyers beware! Canadian manufactured sets have been misprinted on discs 1 and 2, with the artwork backwards to the discs. Consequently, discs packaged and labelled as Disc 1 are actually Disc 2 (and vice versa). I have one, and there are several instances reported at the GAC and HTF forums.

  • Casual Cartoon Fan

    Chilly Willy is one of my favorites as a kid and just discovered that he looked different in his debut cartoon

    Though I’ve found Woody annoying, several cartoons are hilarious and also enjoyed Oswald Rabbit, Swing Symphonies, and several cartunes.

    Not a fan of Popeye though…

  • Tom Bertino

    Incredible! Great selection and jaw-dropping quality…guess I’ll have to take back all those things I’ve said about Universal being slovenly about their history. And I particularly enjoy the fact that I can enjoy cartoons like KING KLUNK with out having Whoopi Goldberg give me a lecture about the wrongness of it all. This is a great month for cartoonheads!

  • This set is one of the greatest ever animation collections. ‘Abou Ben Boogie’ & other Culhane gems, Tex’s last cartoons, ‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’, ‘King Klunk’, a singing dancing FDR prescribing ‘Confidence’ to farmer Oswald, Hillbillies against Hitler, and the list of highlights goes ever on and on. I know the Popeye set is highly aniticipated (deservedly, so) but this Lantz collection is an essential part of ever cartoon fan’s collection.

  • Chris Gregory

    I am very glad I purchased this set, but it seems some of the cartoons have been edited at some point. I have only viewed the first disc yet, but the most obvious possible cut occurs in TOYLAND PREMIERE. At the end when Santa blows out the candles on the cake, the gag where the cake goes flying is missing.

    Other than that the cartoons look great. I love the early Woodys.

  • Tom Bertino

    Response to Chris Gregory: To my knowledge, TOYLAND PREMIERE had minor cuts made years ago, and what’s on the disc is the most complete version that survives. Since it’s rather clear that the chocolate cake goes flying in the direction of Laurel & Hardy, I’ve always assumed that it was some blackface gag that got cut. But in any event, the reason this one is “cut” is that’s all Universal has. I’d
    love it if anybody could say otherwise…?