Animated Shorts of Bob Godfrey Animated Shorts of Bob Godfrey

Animated Shorts of Bob Godfrey

Whenever the short films of British animation legend Bob Godfrey have appeared on YouTube, they’ve been quickly removed. But now there’s good news. Bob has an official YouTube channel where he’s posting clean copies of his films including the hilariously dry and NSFW Henry 9 ’til 5 (1970), which is posted above. The other two films currently available are the classic Do It Yourself Cartoon Kit (1959) and Alf, Bill & Fred (1964). Also of note, Bob Godfrey’s grandchildren run his official website at

  • I thought this was a “clean” copy of his film..I like the dirty version anyway.

  • bob kurtz

    bob is an old friend who i love along with his oh so original wonderful
    films. p.s. i like the dirty versions also.

  • Justin Spurlin

    Does anyone know the name of the live-action silent film that appears midway?

  • tom

    Smart stuff.

    In synch with the British Pop Art that was going on at the time ( Richard Hamilton, Pauline Boty.)

    Terry Gilliam owes him a pint or two.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    All classic!

    Also great to see one film I had to get on 16mm a couple years back in lesser quality too (Alf, Bill & Fred), can’t wait to see if “Kama Sutra Rides Again”, “Instant Sex” or “Great” shows up on Bob’s YT channel soon!

  • Kel

    Hope more of his films show up on Youtube. I’ve been wanting to see “Alf, Bill and Fred” for years.

  • A couple of things – Bob is 89 so the YouTube site is not run by him, it’s run by Tom & Jack Lowe, who also run the website.

    As for Great and Kama Sutra, not a chance since the copyright on both films is not owned by Bob.

    As for the “clean” version – I am unaware of any other version of this film, could you perhaps shed some light?

    Glad you enjoy the YouTube channel!