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Animation History Round-Up #2

A lot of readers seemed to enjoy the first Animation History Round-Up posted here a few weeks ago, so here’s another guide to rare cartoon history recently posted online.

Kitty Salmon by Bob Kurtz

Commercial director Bob Kurtz talks about his legendary career, courtesy of the audio podcast Toon In!. See some of Kurtz’s commericals at his studio website Kurtz & Friends or on his YouTube page.

David Nethery shares a rare 1963 magazine article by Twice Upon a Time director John Korty offering tips on how to get started in animation. My favorite tip from Korty: “Don’t be afraid to shoot 20, 40 or 80 frames without movement.”

Jenny Lerew discovers a superrare storybook with beautiful concept drawings from the “Dance of the Hours” sequence in Fantasia.

An excellent compilation of clips highlighting the work of overlooked animator Pat Matthews from 1940s Walter Lantz cartoons.

Thad Komorowski nominates this piece of Jim Tyer animation as the “best eating scene ever in an animated cartoon.” It’s a great bit of animation but I want to hear your nominees.

Mark Evanier writes about a rare piece of Gene Deitch animation on YouTube: the opening titles to the TV series Mischief Makers (1960), produced by Deitch’s own company, Gene Deitch Associates.

Richard Williams

Michael Sporn offers a frame grab set of Richard Williams’s animated titles for the 1966 live-action feature A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum.

Certainly quite a bit different from this amusing theatrical spot for Johnson’s cleaners that Richard Williams directed in the 1960s.

(Williams ad via Poptique)

  • slowtiger

    Eating scenes I like:
    The one in the Tex Avery short with Screwy Squirrel and the dog who take a break and make a picnic – the dog stuffing himself furiously because the break’s over.

    And a similar one in Federico Vitali’s first short from the “Lava Lava” series, “What’s up Teddy bear?”, the reindeer eating itself stupid.

  • I am pleased to inform you (in case you cared) that I have in my possession the original cel of that Kurtz film…..

  • Richard Williams Studio ad via me (well, actually via them, originally!) but a pleasure to see it getting a nod here! ;)

    Charming stuff – but I still have yet to discover who did the voice over for it…

    btw, the Mischief Makers/Our Gang animation that Mark Evanier highlighted has reminded me that Richard Williams directed a title sequence for a 1960s UK show called Mad Movies that featured potted versions of silent films. It was produced by comedian and film collector Bob Monkhouse, (and I guess it was sort of similar to Jay Ward’s Fractured Flickers…)

    Has anyone got a copy of that?

  • amid

    Poptique – Thanks for the note. I updated the post to give proper credit to you.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > Poptique – Thanks for the note. I updated the post to give proper credit to you.

    Being reminded of having saw that ad a year or so ago from an AVI that leaked of theater ads that were shown in the UK from the 60’s to the 90’s (not sure if they still do those, but they’re FAR better than what gets shoved on American screens these days).