Bugs Bunny in <em>Glen or Glenda</em> Bugs Bunny in <em>Glen or Glenda</em>

Bugs Bunny in Glen or Glenda

Ehhh, What if…

(Thanks, Tim Lawrence via Facebook)

  • Classic.

    “Don’t you believe it!”

  • segura

    Well done! Very funny and pretty disturbing.

  • Marc Baker

    That was a clever video. Taking Ed Wood’s ‘Glenn, Or Glenda’ and putting it in Bugs Bunny’s ‘cross dressing’ context was brilliant. Great use of Wayne, & Garth ‘Bugs Bunny’ comment at the end , too.

  • Mesterius

    A bit disturbing… but funny!

  • uncle wayne

    that is a RIOT!! How funny! But is there ever a compilation of allllllll the times he is in drag! How many films WAS he in drag!? Oooodles, i know. (And ALL hysterical!)

  • Phil K


    Ha. That was great. Love it around the 4 minute mark.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Well, there’s my nightmare fuel for the next month.

  • Arthur F

    It was waiting to be done, and I’m glad to see someone did it well, although on a purely cartoon aesthetic level, I am not sure if the different periods (What’s Opera Doc etc.) should be so mixed up as it breaks the continuity so necessary to pull of this mix. Still, really great.

  • jordan reichek

    that was good.

  • Funny you’d post this after James Rolfe reviewed some of Ed Wood’s films.

  • “Pull the string!”

    Funny combination, seeing that Bugs Bunny usually fools his enemies by dressing in drag.

    By the ways, to Brandon, James Rolfe made the two-part retrospective last Halloween for Spike.com and then posted it on YouTube later.

  • Jacob O

    I’ll never look at Bugs Bunny the same way again.

  • OM

    …The kid responsible for this owes me – and probably several thousand people – a keyboard now.

  • Katella Gate

    I had fun with it, but it could have said everything it wanted to in 5 minutes, not 7.

  • acetate

    The eskimo chick is off the chain ! You go Bugs.

  • sporridge

    FINALLY! Arthur Q. Bryan gets a screen credit! (As much as I appreciate Mel Blanc, would it have killed him to allow acknowledgment of Bryan and June Foray on the WB cartoons?)

    At one of his Miami seminars (mid 80s), Chuck Jones mentioned the often-asked question: If Bugs and Elmer are cross-dressing, are they gay? “No.”

    Probably Bela Lugosi outtake: “Bugsy? You have what’s up docked your last what’s up doc!!!”

  • sporridge

    “Probably Bela Lugosi outtake?” Sorry, I meant “Probable.”


    Excerpted from a Paramount “Hollywood on Parade” short.

  • And people had the nerve to talk trash about Sponge Bob. Oh, how soon we forget ;p

  • Jason

    Sporridge, Mel Blanc DOES credit Arthur Q. Bryan in his autobiography “That’s Not All, Folks”. Even has a picture of them together. As to whether or not Elmer and Bugs were, you know…he writes: (I’m paraphrasing) “No, they’re not sweethearts. Somebody came up with a gag of Bugs giving Elmer a big smacker instead of the usual hit-him-on-the-head gag, and it got a laugh. And that’s it.”

    Poor Bugs. The guy does a few bits in drag, and his masculinity is questioned for the rest of his life…

  • Donald Benson

    Now somebody has to find a way to insert Bugs into one of those Monty Python skits. Maybe the “Tory Tours”, where right-thinking British housewives go about beating up trade unionists and the like.

  • I remember seeing this spot last year. It’s kinda fun as well it can teach how the classic films was made.

  • Emma

    Drag does not equal gay. Some guys like to dress up and also like women. Too bad they didn’t stick with Ed Wood. I think Bugs (and maybe some of the artists) might have liked to dable a bit in nylons and heels. Some wives actually help out w/that.

  • Bob

    I saw on the screen that the copyright read (MCMLIII) 1953, and that this “short” was presented by Leon Schlesinger. Leon passed away on Christmas day, 1949.

    Maybe you should have substituted Eddie Seltzer’s name instead.

  • THIS … is AMAZING.

    Thank you for sharing!

  • Karma

    Ok. I actually clicked on this knowing full well about Wood’s film, and the connections between it and figured this would be good for a well-natured laugh.

    Then quickly in the first 11 seconds, I was quickly appaled.

    I expected that the joke of Bugs Bunny’s transvestism would be good for a laugh. What I did not expect was the personal politics and ignorance of whoever made this, to outright begin by claiming immediately that Transvestite = Gay.

    This is absolutely, not the case, is untrue, and is in all honestly: A load of crap.

    Many transvestites ARE in fact NOT homosexual, as this video quickly nose-dives into politically motivated misinformation and agenda-driven, hateful, derogatory untruths, and blatant ignorance against gays, perpetrating and pounding in these stupid, archaic and worthless homophobic myths with blatant repetition within the first 11 seconds of it.

    Again, I thought this would be good for a laugh. Instead I felt that whoever edited this together was trying to spread ignorant propaganda, and turn what could have been a funny little gag into some moralistic right-wing propagandized crap.

    I’m not laughing.

    And when I went into it, thinking that I would, then I can only categorize this video as a dismal failure. This video sucks.

  • ^ Yes, times have certainly changed (although not quite enough). Never forget when the original material was made.