dawabbit dawabbit

Cafe 615… Home of “Da Wabbit!”

We usually don’t do resturant reviews… but when a roadhouse eatery has a sign like this we can’t help but check it out. Way down yonder in New Orleans, in Gretna (near Terrytown) is a restaurant called Da Wabbit Drive In. It opened in 1949 and is reputed to have the best fried chicken in town. Our southern correspondent, Uncle Wayne (Dagriepont), snapped this photo of its vintage signage and confirmed that the food was indeed delicious – and well worth the trip.

Da Wabbit was recently renovated and reopened in December 2009 as Cafe 615 (located at 615 Kepler Street), a neighborhood diner. Not much is known about the origins of this resturant’s name, but I’ll bet it was named after a certain ‘wascally wabbit’ – or my name isn’t Laramore (and it isn’t).

  • Jesse Pindus

    Were the walls decorated with Looney Tunes art? Any dishes named after Bugs and the gang? Any “Bugs” on the food?

  • Does that mean they took down the sign?

  • Rooniman

    If I ever take a trip to New Orleans, I’m looking for this place. I love chicken.

  • J Lee

    So this must be where Antoine of New Orleans works?

  • Shouldn’t that be ‘Dwive’ In?

  • uncle wayne

    No, actually. There is absolutely NOTHING about the place that’s toony (in menu, walls, or decors), exCEPT its logo. And, yes, i just took this pic last NITE! I couldn’t wait to share with all (we) Brewsters!!

    • Can we see a daylight shot of this sign? Or has it been dismantled?

  • Hey, that’s just a couple of miles from where I live! :3

  • William

    Do they also serve coconut custard pie with whipped cream?

  • Mike Fontanelli

    “Tossed cocoanut salad, fresh cocoanut milk… New England boiled cocoanut!”

    What creative genius changed the name from “Da Wabbit” to “Cafe 615”? …How about “The Restaurant”?

  • Greg Ehrbar

    COOK! COOK! Where’s my Hasenpfeffer?

  • top cat james

    So does Terrytown have a Terrytoon restaurant-perhaps featuring Roast Dinky Duck with Little Roquefort sauce?

    Hope Bugs can stick around for the “Mardy Grass.”

  • Robert Schaad

    Sorry couldn’t resist…

    Pwease don’t kill “Da Wabbit”.

  • Lara

    Maybe the owners got a grease-and-desist order.
    (Sorry, but just try to tell me that couldn’t have been a Looney Tunes title.)

  • What’s up below, docs? I’m a sign now.