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Cartoon Funny Animals Won The War

I posted this 1943 comic book cover on my Facebook page yesterday and got quite a strong reaction from it. Seems most people have forgotten who really won World War II. It wasn’t only Captain America and Spy Smasher – They had ample help from the likes of Bugs Bunny, Andy Panda and Gandy Goose.

Courtesy of some quick research on Mike’s Amazing World website, I created a gallery of 15 comics covers from the war years (thumbnails below) – featuring popular characters from Disney, Warner Bros., Terrytoons and Walter Lantz as well as some lesser known rabbits from Fawcett and Timely. Characters from from MGM, Famous Studios and Screen Gems also did their bit – on screen.

And it wasn’t only “brand name” cartoon super-stars that helped in the war effort. Even obscure characters from obscure studios chipped in. Here’s a great example, from the Ted Eshbaugh Studio (more stuff like this is featured on the oft-plugged Cartoons For Victory Vol. 1 and Vol. 2):

Here’s the gallery of patriotic covers I spoke about:

Don’t expect to see this one on DVD anytime soon…

And now you know!

  • Sourpuss looks a little green. Must be airsick.

    • James

      He also looks a bit more like Mussolini than the one being captured.

  • James

    For some reason, that picture of Bugs Bunny hanging onto the fat Japanese officer’s mustache so he can surrender at gunpoint (with an adorable expression from Bugs) sticks out. Was that also from a comic? Or perhaps a publicity drawing for “Nips the Nips”? It’s interesting to note that Bugs is smaller than he normally appears in the cartoons.

    Perhaps part of the reason it stuck out for me is that the Japanese officer in that drawing is not as overtly stereotypical as the other examples and actually looks a bit unique.

  • “Don’t expect to see this one on DVD anytime soon”

    Aw, what happened to the rumored Censored Eleven release??

    • Justin Delbert

      Jerry’s not gonna like this post, but that Censored 11 release “exists”. All they have to do now is put it on the schedule. The bonus features and the restoration are done.

  • Bob Nelson

    Related: since 9/11 was an act of the war on terror, the furry amateur-press-association magazine Huzzah had a post-9/11 issue with a cover showing three firefighters, all anthro animals (a wolf, lioness, and fox) with the fox holding the flag and all three admiring it, amidst the ruins.

  • Justin Delbert

    Jerry, who is this Super Rabbit comic book “Bugs Bunny knockoff” character? Did Warner Bros. threatened that they were stealing?

  • dbenson

    In their animated forms:

    Donald Duck paid his taxes, joined the army, went through basic training, tried to become a flier, and destroyed a Japanese base as a commando. Also, very unofficially, he ran a coastal defense unit with his nephews. Perhaps he was driven by a nightmare about Naziland.

    Daffy Duck, although he initially fled from The Little Man From The Draft Board, guarded metal scrap from Nazi goats and saw action as a carrier pigeon.

    Popeye, technically human but almost a funny animal on film:
    — Joined the Navy and served on a battleship
    — Took to the air and defeated a Japanese pilot flying behind a fake cloud
    — Delivered spinach to Britain and took out a German sub en route
    — Got draft dodger Bluto into uniform, and later cured him of goldbricking
    — Romanced clones of Olive Oyl in Rio and the South Seas while on leave (her daddy Cole Oyl evidently got around)
    — Worked in a defense plant with Olive
    — Kept wearing his white uniform for decades after the war.

    There’s also a particularly odd Terrytoon where forest and farm animals do whimsical defense work while singing “V for Victory” (“At Uncle Sam’s instruction, we’re speeding up production”). In the end they direct all their patriotic fury against some Japanese beetles.

    • joe

      You left out Daffy fighting the Nazis and hitting Hitler on the head with a mallet–not too shabby.

  • Josh

    Any Bo-o-o-nds today?

  • Dave

    Lol watching Cap’n Cub, and out of nowhere comes one of the Fantasia hippos, moonlighting!