Drawing by Sterling Sturtevant Drawing by Sterling Sturtevant

Designing Magoo Express (1955)

drawing by Sterling Sturtevant

There’s a big post at the Cartoon Modern blog about Sterling Sturtevant’s character design work on the 1955 short Magoo Express. The post features lots of artwork which has been hidden away in boxes for the better part of the last fifty years.

  • What an amazing find, it’s always a thrill and an education when you post these buried treasures. It’s great to see her roughs as well as the more polished model sheets. Keep this stuff coming, can’t get enough, thanks!!

  • Christopher Lopez

    Amid – What Magoo DVD set has all the theatrical shorts? Thanks.

  • amid

    I don’t believe many (if any) of the Magoo theatricals have ever been released on dvd.