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Happy (Belated) Birthday, June Foray!

Her birthday was yesterday, Friday September 18th. Mark Evanier sent us this great photo of June and Walter Lantz (click thumbnail at left to see it at full size) to mark the occasion. June’s new autobigraphy can be ordered at her website, www.juneforay.com – and I highly recommend it. She’s a living legend – and been much more than animation’s greatest voice actress: she’s been a tireless worker in bringing respect and recognition to the animation field. We love you, June! I know she’s reading this website, so feel free to send her a greeting in the comments below.

  • *blows the birthday kazoo*

  • Christopher Cook

    There’s nobody like June Foray. She’s the Mel Blanc of female voices and treasure to the animation industry. Happy birthday, June dahlink!

  • Phil

    I, too, love you June!
    You’re the absolute best.

  • Thanks for everything you’ve given us, June. We animation fans owe you!

  • TraV

    @Cook You mean Mel Blanc is the June Foray of voices (he said so himself!)

    HB Ms. Foray!!

  • Brad Constantine

    Happy Birthday, June!!
    Hope you get to watch some cartoons today!!

  • Scott

    She’s not the Mel Blanc of Female voices. She’s the JUNE FORAY of female voices. One of a kind on her own without needing to be compared to anyone! My fondest memories from childhood are of Rocky and Bullwinkle. A very happy birthday!

  • sporridge

    June, yours was the first voice I recognized and wondered about when I began wading into the Pool of Toons (a challenging swim when one arm’s holding up a freshly poured bowl of Trix). Long-planted puns from Rocky & Bullwinkle are still going off on occasion (as I try to keep myself from cracking up among the unsuspecting).

    Happy Belated Birthday to the TRUE princess of cartoons!!!

  • A very happy birthday to you June! You’re definitely one of a kind!

  • I met June once, at Nickelodeon during a screening of Random Cartoons. She was super nice. We both got there a bit early, and in the waiting room of the lobby, she talked to my friend and I like we knew each other for years. She told us all kinds of stories about different voices she had done, and what it was like to work with Tex Avery, Chuck Jones, Walter Lantz, and Walt Disney. She’s a super classy lady, and a huge legend of American animation. Happy birthday, June!

  • EatRune

    Wow! 92 years old! 8D

    June is definitely my favorite voice actress. I actually saw a (Youtube) vid where for her birthday this year, she got a Rocky & Bullwinkle statue. Watching it made me soooo happy. ;D

  • Happy (belated) Birthday, June. :)

  • how can you tell she’s had another birthday? she’s seemed eternally young for years (except when she wanted to sound ancient).

    what a great voice actor! and much as i’ve always rooted for rocky or cackled with witch hazel…much as i respect nell…i’ve got a long-running crush on both ursula and natasha.

    thank you, miss june!

  • bob kurtz

    happy,happy happy,happy,happy B.day!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we love you.
    theresa and bob

  • Paul N

    Had the great pleasure of meeting June once years ago, and I still talk about it today. She’s absolutely delightful, and a living legend indeed. Happy Birthday June!

  • Jay Sabicer

    If a person’s life can be quantified by the number of people you have touched; with the addition of being surrounded by creative souls who have also done amazing works; and the good fortune of being happy and healthy throughout the majority of said life, June, your time on this world will have the accountants working on the grand total long after all of us have breathed our last.

    You are immortal, you do realize that? A heartfelt wish for the next year in your life from all of us who saying to ourselves “that voice, where have I heard that voice?”.

  • Happy Birthday, June! I look forward to reading your autobiography very soon!

  • June and I met many years ago at a Chuck Jones event. She is an extremely pleasant and charming lady, talent aside. While so many seem to remember her work from the Bullwinkle cartoons, I am a fan of her contributions to the Witch Hazel cartoons. Can’t wait to read her new book. Happy Birthday June.

  • Happy Birthday and thank you for all your fine work!

  • Hooray for June Foray! Thanks for all the great performances!

  • Brooke Keesling

    Happiest of birthdays to you June. You are such a lovely treat and you know that I am forever thankful for your perfect narration on my student film. I encourage you to milk your birthday for the entire month of September! xoxo- Brooke

  • Dock Miles

    I think sweet-but-wised-up-and-brave is about the toughest characterization to get across in a voice, but that’s Rocket J. Squirrel all over! Also, the greatest gleeful-old-witch cackles and rasps of all time. Finally, I could never decide who I was more in love with — Agent 99 or Natasha Fatale. Happy Birthday.

  • Autumn

    wait wait wait….June and me have the same bday? AWESOME!

    Happy Birthday June!

  • Here’s a shameless plug but I’m working on a Documentary about June Foray. Anyones who interested can watch the trailer here


    Thanks for the post Jerry about June and it’s a fantastic book! I recommend it to every June Foray fan. Loaded with a ton of great photos!

  • Happy Birthday, June! Thanks for all the great memories. :)

  • Tom Heres

    Happy Birthday! Love you, June! You’ve made me laugh hundreds of times over the years, and that’s something I’ll never forget.

  • John Ford

    …when Moose & Squirrel first hit video, I was a feature writer at the Niagara Gazette with a video column. Buena Vista Home Video arranged a phone interview with Ms. Foray; my third interview ever.

    I was still learning how to interview a hero without gibbering and fawning; June was a sweetie, and I was doing fine till she did Witch Hazel into the receiver… upon which I fell apart. I did in fact compose myself and finish the interview; but I’ll not forget the laughs or the graciousness of this dear lady.

    And June – I’ve been in radio now 16 years, and not nearly as much of a yutz… if you’re amenable, I’d love to chat again with you for the listeners of KAOS-fm in Olympia, WA.

    kind regards,
    John Ford

  • CartoonCrazy

    Happy Birthday, June! Here’s to many more!

  • June was a pleasure to interview last month. When she broke into her Rocky the Squirrel voice at the end…..it was simply amazing! She’s the best! Happy Bday June!


  • uncle wayne

    And what a joy it is to have CB for all of us to be ABLE to wish her well!

    And how giantly am i enjoying reading her fabb Bio now. Wow!! GET it, guys! NOT to be passed up!!

    And, to quote one of Ms. F.’s favorite characters…..”Tell me….who UNdoes your hair!??”

  • Happy Birthday dear June, from one of the pround winners of your “June Foray Award”! I guess Midnight the Cat is my favorite character voice of yours, followed by Rocky the squirrel! I’ll never forget meeting your wonderful husband, Hobart Donovan. His creativity will live as long as episodes of the “Buster Brown Show” still play. The best of natal anniversaries to you!

  • Happy Birthday June! So many great cartoon memories for all of us!

  • Hokey smokes, what a talent! Happy birthday June Foray!


    To the Queen of the Vocal Chords!!! A hearty Witch Hazel Shout out to the Lady with the golden throat!

    “the five o’clock whistle’s on the blink,
    The whistle won’t blow and whadd’ya think?
    My pop is still in the factory ’cause he don’t know
    What time it happens to be”

    It’s time to wish the Queen of the Vocal Chords a very very Happy Birthday!!!

    Love you June! From the bottom of my heart!


  • Happy Birthday June Foray. May you continue to provide more unforgettable voices for years to come.

  • Christopher Cook

    I acquiese…NOBODY compares to June!

  • Karl Wilcox

    Happy Birthday, June! Yes, I grew up with you and have long
    admired your work in so many great cartoons. You are one of my
    childhood heroes–no, actually you are MANY of my childhood heroes!
    I thoroughly enjoyed your biography, couldn’t put it down. You have
    lived an extraordinary life and touched the lives of so many others
    with laughter and love. Thanks for all the wonderful memories.

  • Hi June, Happy birthday. Thanks for bringing up the level of quality in cartoon soundtracks. Many happy reruns and thanks for for all your help and support.

  • ATTS – Brother Andrew

    Many more great years, June!!! Always a class act warm, funny, self-deprecating, infused so many personalities to breathe life and charisma into limited drawings. Super talented voice actress and mentor to all.

  • Mike Bell

    I love June Foray!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Wow. Happy Birthday to an incredible voice actress!

  • Katella Gate

    Happy Birthday lovely lady, and thank you.

  • We all love you June :D
    In the words of Chuck Jones
    “June foray was not the female Mel Blanc, Mel Blanc was the male June Foray”

  • Nightmare Is Near

    Wow! I did not know she has the same birth date as my sister! Happy Birthday June Foray!

  • Happy Birthday June. Thank you for being such a wonderful ambassador to and for all of animation. The teaming of you, Bill Scott, Paul Frees and William Conrad gave everyone the best vocal performances ever recorded.

    Rocky and Natasha will endure forever….lots of heart, soul and love in these characters.

    Thank you June for giving the world great happiness.

  • R.J. Laaksonen

    Happy birthday, Ms Foray, and thanks for writing your autobiography which I purchased soon after it was published. A great book. Now, having biographies of you, Daws Butler and Stan Freberg, I am anxiously waiting for someone to do a book about Peter Leeds, another favorite actor of mine.

  • Happy Birthday June!

    Your work defines the term “stellar”.

    Your kindness and graciousness to your fans, like me, is a treat.

    Rock on June!

    Paul Husband

  • Hope you had a lovely birthday, June! Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us girls in animation!

  • I’ve always been a sucker for gals with Eastern European accents, thanks to you!

    Happy birthday, “Tequila Mockingbird”!

  • steve schneider

    And here’s another megadose of love and thanks (and laughter and smiles) from a forever fan. HBD and well done, kid!

  • Dan

    Voice actors are my rock ‘n’ roll idols,

    and June, you are my groove goddess!

    Happy birthday, dahlink!


    hokey smokes…

  • Bart K

    A belated “Happy Birthday” to you, Miss Foray – thank you for many years of animated entertainment!!!

  • Scott Shore

    Is it Saturday Morning already?

    Thank you June for all my Saturday mornings, laughing in front of the TV

  • Seattle Dave

    I’m sorry to report, however, that I ordered an autographed copy of June’s autobiography from the official website, juneforay.com, back in September. My PayPal account was charged $35, but I’ve received no book and my repeated e-mails to them have gone unanswered.