“Kontraste” by Sieglinde Hamacher “Kontraste” by Sieglinde Hamacher

“Kontraste” by Sieglinde Hamacher

Watching Kontraste by Sieglinde Hamacher makes me realize I’ve never seen any East German animation. From what I’ve read, their state-run animation studio DEFA was not as visually experimental as the state-operated studios in other Iron Curtain countries like Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland. But Kontraste, created in 1982, has no shortage of creative expression. An online search reveals that a DVD of East German animation was released a couple years back called Red Cartoons: Animated Films From East Germany.

  • paolo

    there is also available in region 2 a box with the history of german animation consisting of 6 dvds, one of them dedicated to DDR animation:

  • Torsten

    The DVDs mentioned by paolo are code free, not Region 2 (at least that’s what is stated on the back of my DVDs from this set). They are, of course, PAL, as they origin from Germany. But they should play well on North-American equipment.

    • paolo

      sorry, you are right, they are region free. They are not subtitled (but I can be wrong also on that), but the films are usually without dialogues

  • Nic

    This is really interesting. I wonder what the goal of this experiment was? I love how the little figures move, and the music is unique as well. Thank you for the post!

  • I suddenly got curious about East Germany and watched a few shorts, I found Lutz Dammbeck’s shorts pretty interesting too. I’d love to see something else by Sieglinde Hamacher though. I couldn’t find anything at all.

    Is the boxset subtitled?

  • GW

    That was very aesthetically creative. I liked the amoeba car.

  • GhaleonQ

    Both sets mentioned are musts, certainly.

  • Kimberley

    I love this, My favourite kind of animation. Stuff that doesnt quite make sense! This is genius i love it!