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Leon Schlesinger letter

Eric at Warnerart.com just acquired this interesting find: a letter from Looney Tunes producer Leon Schlesinger to an Air Force Colonel, hoping the use of Bugs Bunny as an insignia will inspire the troops and wishing him luck on “dropping an egg on Tokyo and Berlin”. Click on thumbnail below to see enlargement.

  • Mark Sonntag

    Very nice, it’s always very cool to see documents relating to animation, especially when they are on studio stationery, and even more so when it from a high profile person.

  • I have always been a giant fan of insignias. Is there not a book (or something) displaying a [goodly] amount of toons used as insignias!??
    Seems to me there was a LOT of them back then!!

  • Jason

    Ah, the good ol’ days, when Hollywood supported America and the troops and didn’t consider “patriotism” to be a dirty word. The days before Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Michael Moore and Jane Fonda. That was a Golden Age indeed.

  • Norty

    This letter will prove a sound investment should Time-Warner opt to open a theme park near Tokyo.

  • Great letter!

    Disney artists created over 1,200 combat insignia during the war. Artist Hank Porter designed at least 75 – 80% of them leading Walt Disney to refer to Porter in a magazine interview as a “one man art department.”

    Please visit my blog http://www.toonsatwar.blogspot.com to learn more about the Disney Studio’s involvement in the war and to see some truly rare and wonderful items.


  • Uncle Wayne – there is one book on Disney combat insignia called Disney Dons Dogtags, written by Walton Rawls. The book pictures a couple of hundred designs.

    I have a database with info on almost 1,100 Disney WW II insignia designs. I know the name of the unit that received the design and the month and year it was created. I have around 700 – 800 images (I haven’t counted them in ahwile) and I’ve written several hundred related unit biographies to go with the images.

    I am in the process of writing a biography of Hank Porter. I’ve interviewed his children, one of whom worked as his assistant in the summer of 1944. Porter’s kids also provided me with a wealth of images of Hank’s work, both when he ran his own commercial art studio and when he joined Disney’s in 1936 as well as numerous family photos, newspaper clippings and letters.

    I’d like to publish a book on Disney insignia, but don’t think Disney’s Legal Department would give the green light.

  • Jules

    Disney’s legal department would track you down and burn your children, but they would not want to lose you as a potential customer for their branded crap.

  • I’ve looked into getting a copy of “Disney Dons Dogtags” but to my knowledge it is out of print and used copies are going for over $100. It would be nice to see an updated book, but in lieu of that maybe someone can talk them into getting this book back in print.

  • And sure enough, Bugs was used!


    There are few other ones at the aafcollection.info