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Looney Tunes on Cartoon Network

Cartoon Network takes a lot of heat around here, but when they do something right we’ll report it and celebrate it. Starting today, classic Warner Bros. cartoons return to the channel in a six-hour marathon (1pm-7pm EST), and the network has scheduled a regular daily hour of Looney Tunes at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific) each weekday. You can check the schedule here. Let’s support this move. Watch some Looney Tunes today, and tell your friends. Let’s show them that cartoons belong on a Cartoon Network.

  • Charles

    This is amazing news! I only wish that it was on Saturday mornings as well.

  • Grayson

    This is soooo exciting. I’ve been waiting for this since the looney tunes were originally pulled off the network. I’m happy I’m seeing a good amount of the great cartoons by Tashlin and Clampett in there :)

  • Does Comcast keep track of what their customers watch?

  • RayRay

    It’s like an early Christmas present! Now my 11 year-old daughter can see what REAL cartoons are like!

  • Thank You Cartoon Network!!

  • I don’t know how the Cartoon Network schedule is working on my country, but I obviously support this move.

  • They must be tried of getting their but kick by Disney DX and Nick Toons !!!

  • CartoonCrazy

    Sigh, if only I got Cartoon Network anymore…

  • Mike Fontanelli

    I can’t believe they were ever taken off the air in the first place. WB cartoons are regarded as 100% authentic American classics all over the world, and almost everyone interested in them already owns or at least has seen the DVDs, which are uncut.

    At this point, Cartoon Network is at a crossroad; it has two choices regarding Looney Tunes. Either (a) Show them pure and uncensored – and allow the cartoons to win over a whole new generation of adoring fans, just as they’ve always done. OR (b) Knuckle under to the PC-nazi crowd and cut them for content, in which case no one will ever watch them on television twice.

  • Brad Constantine

    I did it! I have a whole package of those mini cereals ready to go…
    let the wackyness ensue!!

  • top cat james

    Wonder if Daffy is a Brew reader.On one of the promos, his voiceover exclaims: “…And they should have never left in the first place!”
    Glad I’m off today, I’ll definitely be watching.
    On a related note, I was disappointed to hear from your Stu’s Show appearance that the upcoming Looney Tunes DVD sets would be formatted by character, instead of, say, by year or director. Now we’re not going to get any of those great one-shots. Pity. And who wants an entire set of Speedy or Hippety Hopper cartoons?

  • mrgoberg

    Ever gullible, I dutifully turned to CN for their first hour of Looney Tunes programming. I should have known that they would employ an obnoxious combination of image streching and frame cropping to accomodate the 16×9 screen ratio. Back to my DVDs.

  • troy joseph reyes

    as happy as iam at these classic cartoons returning to t.v i only have one question/complaint:WHY NO NEW BUGS BUNNY WARNER BROTHERS CARTOONS? given all the talent that is out there in the american animation industry, why not let john k or genndy tartakovsky or jim smith or craig mccraken take a crack at these characters? john k did a couple of new yogi bear cartoons a few years ago and they were great! can you imagine if doc hammer or john lassater or eddie fitzgerald got a shot at bugs or daffy or (my favorite) sniffles! talk about cartoon heaven.are the people at warner brothers aware of all these guys, is this a reasonable idea? can someone at least run it up the flagpole.

  • Anthony C.

    Damn talk about picky-the resolution/screen looks fine to me. For someone who can’t afford the DVDS and has only relied on Youtube for recent viewing outside of my old VHS copies-this is fantastic!

    I should be working on my projects but hell-this is on till 7 and I ain’t back in Tampa until 10, thank you Cartoon Network.

  • I suspect that this resurfacing of LOONEY TUNES on Cartoon Network is due to an ulterior motive on CN’s part. I think that the CN executroids feel that the classic LT characters need to be re-introduced to the public before the airing of WB’s all-new LOONEY TUNES LAFF RIOT show (the production of which is currently on hold while the characters are redesigned to greater resemble their earlier incarnations).

  • Jerry P.

    There was another promo that said “In a way, they never left” and showed that they were trapped in a storage closet.

  • Nightmare Is Near

    Hooray! Now I hope the Looney Tunes put Stuart Snyder, Rob Sorcher, Blake Michael, and Andrew W.K. into a canon and “fire” them! They don’t deserve to work at CN.

  • This makes me BEYOND happy.
    The core of true cartoons, it’s all right there.
    Looks like we got our wish granted. : )
    Shame though, that I no longer have cable…

  • dbborroughs

    As mrgoberg said the HD screenings are corrected to fill your screen. Can’t Cartoon do anything right? I guess not…ah well thats what the non HD channel is for. (Then again its not as bad as IFC’s HD feed)

  • Kevin Wollenweber

    Well, these cartoons are not restored or anything, but, heck, they’re back on and back with the land of the living. They will be watched by LOONEY TUNES fans and, hopefully, those fans will once again be goaded into buying the existing LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION sets or, better yet, the forthcoming single disk LOONEY TUNES collections (which are *NOT* double-dipping at all).

    So those of you who have so easily forgotten the LOONEY TUNES and the “laugh-riots” within each cartoon, tune in and get that history lesson all over again! Maybe Cartoon Network could really do something signifigant and ask for suggestions from the viewing audience on their website! That way, real fans of the cartoons will write in and ask for some rarely shown titles. Okay, we know that the controversial ones will not be shown at all — so, by “rarely shown” I mean some of those tremendous and hilarious one-shots that don’t get aired often enough!

    LOONEY TUNES are the funniest, classiest (and largest) library of classic cartoons that Hollywood ever produced, and I really do wish CN success with this marathon showing. They should continue having fun (and success) putting a show like this together each day. Hell, I’d do the honors of programming it for absolutely nothing if they’d only ask me!

  • I’m glad they’re back, but I noticed that they dubbed over ‘Nasty Quacks’ with new sound effects & blasted the hell out of the music track. You could barely hear the dialogue underneath.

    Other than that (& a few other little bits here & there), I’m really happy about this. Finally, a turn in the right direction.

  • Bout damn time!//

  • some guy


  • The promos, where some [you-know-what]s trapped them in a closet might’ve been a reference to all the noise us toon fans have been making lately. If so, pats on the back for all of us.

    Regarding Cartoon Network, some work still needs to be done to wake this channel up. The latest press releases show that MORE new live-action shows are on the horizon in the coming months. Live-action movies, read by some as “live-action cartoons” are still being shown. And most new cartoon projects have either been canned (Cartoonstitute, Chowder), have small episode orders (Flapjack, Regular Show), or are on hiatus (Laff Riot), point being that their current cartoon commitment is at an all-time low.

    We still need to get to the root of all this, because right now, bringing Looney Tunes back appears to be a little more than a band-aid.

  • some guy

    for the first time in years when I changed the tv to Cartoon Network and left the room and came back a few minutes later, no one had snatched the remote and changed it to something else! In fact… more family members are actually watching looney tunes together! WHAT’S HAPPENING?!

  • Michael: What you saw in NASTY QUACKS was a print with the unvoiced international dubbing track accidentally playing on top of the domestic audio track—so the music is effectively twice as loud as the dialogue, and the sound effects are often re-recorded and come across as louder too.

    This same problem affected HOP AND GO on LT Golden Collection Vol 6.

  • I think this is a marketing strategy on CN’s part. They gave us something we hated and when we were all angry about reality shows, they gave us Looney Tunes again.

    The same way Coca-Cola tried to change their formula and changed it back only to regain popularity.

    Just a theory.

  • That’s what I’m talking about! Tell a friend!

  • Hey Dave, thanks for clearing things up with ‘Nasty Quacks’. I was curious why that was so.

  • Robert Barker

    Is Cartoon Network trying to sabotage Looney Tunes? Every print is muddy or dark. Most of the prints now exist in pristine condition and are ready for HD televisions. It sounds like CN was forced to do that and now they’re intent on ruining the idea. Let’s see how the prints look at night when they show them on the weekdays.

  • Anthony C.

    Just finished an hour ago.

    I enjoyed this (As I said earlier I thought the quality was great-this is someone who hasn’t seem them outside of VHS and Youtube for a number of years)-but damn, it’s like all they ran was Jones (second to that Freleng) and sprinkled in some Clampett, Tashlin, or McKimson if you were lucky (too much Roadrunner!)

    That and they still censored stuff. Oh well, better than nothing.

  • Marbles

    I knew I wasn’t imagining that about “Nasty Quacks!” Thanks. But what kind of a stupid mistake is that to make?

  • Pez

    They showed Clampett!

  • Jason

    Ah, the sublime joy of watching “One Froggy Evening” again. Along with “Scaredy Cat” and “What’s Opera Doc?”. There’s nothing like it.

    But I agree that the prints were TERRIBLE. And there were weird cuts that made no sense at all. Still, cut-up, faded Looney Tunes are still better than nothing..in other words, it was better than more of that insufferable Dexter’s Lab ripoff Johnny Test….:P

  • Autumn

    I watched! Called my friend and got her to watch too. Was awesome. Could’ve done without the editing though.

    But whatever, I’ll take what I can get!

    Thank you CN for doing something right for a change!

  • squirrel

    Fans of network aren’t the least hypocritical, are they?

    Oh well. This is comforting news! They’ll be running Looney Tunes shorts for an hour every weekday at 11 AM now, so I hope it gets good enough ratings.

  • Robert: The prints are the same shelf copies CN ran from 2000-2005. Nothing more, nothing less.

    It seems a safe bet that CN is either unaware that there are better elements available on the cartoons—or, if they do know, is simply sticking with what they’ve got in the (mistaken) belief that they’re the only prints available with bilingual dubs.

  • Did it seem like there was a pretty generous sampling of cartoons NOT on the Looney Tunes DVD release so far. I could take that as encouraging. Seems they also starting bunching cartoons together by theme: Bugs vs. hillbillies, Bugs vs. gangsters, etc.

    I can happily report that my 9-year old son spent most of the afternoon watching the marathon, after we’ve been dutifully tracking through the Golden Collections together. And given a choice of movies for “family movie night,” he’s been opting for watching the Bullwinkle DVDs again. If I whine enough, we can try to finish tracking through the animated Star Trek DVDs (though he prefers the live action shows, yesssss!). And my 20 year-old daughter can’t possibly understand what’s going on, but if we’re watching the Looney Tunes, she’s watching to see what the big guys like. Guess I’m a good dad after all.

  • If CN doesn’t know that remastered versions of many LT shorts exist…

    oh forget it. They’re still doing live-action reality shows. The network is dumb.

  • Pez

    I would take a faded print over a DVNR print anyday of the week. I prefer the color on the Looney Tunes laser disc sets to the golden collections. Don’t get me wrong I love the dvds and bought everyone of them. And would have bought 20 sets if they would have made it that far.

    I was surprised that “High Diving Hare” was uncut.

  • FP

    Loved seein’ LT on TV originating from somewhere besides a DVD player.

    The very obvious cuts were weird, though. They didn’t seem to serve any specific purpose. Lots of violence remained.

  • Ben

    Personally I like the look of the somewhat faded prints. The “remastered” cartoons look garish and ramped up to me.

  • Ben: I’ve looked at original Tech prints. They often look garish and ramped up to me, too.
    So what? Kids like garish and ramped up. Since it’s actually authentic to the originals, why not do something that appeals to them?

  • dan

    me and the kids watched almost 4 hours of the marathon. LOVED IT!
    The Marathon ended with What’s Opera, Doc?

  • Mike Caracappa

    “The Marathon ended with What’s Opera, Doc?”

    “What have I done? I’ve killed Cartoon Network… poor little bunny!!”

  • Grayson

    I thought some of the prints were really bad and that some cartoons were severely cut but it was good to see the Looney Tunes back on CN.

  • Assh

    I hope they inculde as many faided prints on up coming DVD’s as possbible those remasterd shorts on LTGC are too birght.

  • I’m keeping my tv on for Looney Tunes to give it it’s ratings, even if I’m not home!

  • I caught some of the marathon with my kids, and overall was pleased with the selection. However, I think my entire neighborhood heard my scream of dismay when they CUT THE ENDING OFF OF “Show Biz Bugs”!!!!! Come on, CN! Daffy blowing himself up in the big finish is way more gentle (and funny) than most crap on kids TV today! Why the big wimp out?????

  • A daily dose of Looney Tunes boosts the immune system (it’s a proven medical fact)

  • CWW

    I was flipping through the channels and came across it. It was already on for a couple of hours, but I watched until it went off. I am 39 years old and this was the best thing on television that day as far as I am concerned. It brought back such fond memories. CN needs to run this marathon again or have more times for viewing throughout the day.

  • Rob Hill

    This is a great and most necessary move by Cartoon Network, and HOPEFULLY, the ratings will be sky-high and help WHV decide to continue restoration of the remainder of the LT and MM cartoons that have not made it to any DVD release yet and put them out for the die-hard fans. It is great to see these back on television, the way it should be.

  • Mario500

    Anthony C: “I enjoyed this (As I said earlier I thought the quality was great-this is someone who hasn’t seem them outside of VHS and Youtube for a number of years)-but damn, it’s like all they ran was Jones (second to that Freleng) and sprinkled in some Clampett, Tashlin, or McKimson if you were lucky (too much Roadrunner!)”

    Pez: “They showed Clampett!”

    Please use first and last names in reference to the directors. Somewhere out there is someone with a renewed interest in the Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies after Cartoon Network started airing the animated cartoons again and this person may be studying their history.

  • Charlene Norris

    I am really miffed that they cut the ending of many of these great cartoons. Really now, must we censor cartoons for content? I wanted to see Daffy Blown Up, and Duck Season Rabbit season uncensored.

  • Donald C

    Honestly, I’m just happy that they’re even on the Network again.

    Now if they could only drop those pitiful reality shows.

  • Ed

    I’ve gotten spoiled by the Golden Collection DVDs! The prints are so ugly and the cuts/speedups are so annoying. My only real consolation is that I’ve seen a handful so far that I’ve not seen before and aren’t on the GCs. Please CN Please use the restored prints when you can and stop the cutting and speedups!

  • BooDog

    Looney Tunes is going off the air from Nov. 22 through Nov. 28. Don’t worry. It comes back Monday, November 30th.

  • Colb

    I turned on my DVR to watch my Looney Tunes that I have set to record everyday since I saw teh marathon and heard it was coming back on the air and THEY AREN’T on!! I was soooooo happy they put them back on I couldn’t stand it. When I looked at my DVR to see that it hadn’t recorded anything my heart sank and I said “I can’t belive they took it off already/parents complaining about it so fast” I rushed to the net to find out what happened. But to my relief BooDog says it is only for a week. these are classics that NEED to be on T.V for past present and future generations to enjoy love and cherish! watching the marathon and all this week brought back so many childhood memories. So glad it is back. Just hope that over uptight parents who can’t lossen up or monitor on their own will complain and have it taken off.

  • I’m one of the ones in the minority, or the silent majority, when it comes to this opinion. I’m glad that the characters are back on a major cable channel in America and they’re the classic episodes…only two minor complaints: #1, why Cartoon Network and #2, why at 11am? The reason I ask is simple, though. Cartoon Network has this desire of being “new and current”…it was that desire by that network that spawned Boomerang for the “old and classic” cartoons and now they want to put Looney Tunes on at 11am on Cartoon Network.

    I may have the answers of why 11am and why that network, after all…perhaps they want to introduce the characters to an audience who’s watching at that time of the day!? Cartoon Network in my opinion must have a younger viewing audience…and putting them back on Boomerang it would be like playing to a built-in audience. This way they’re trying to grasp a newer audience on a network that pretty much wiped it’s schedule clean of classic cartoons several years ago.

    But anyway, a late evening/prime-time slot would have been great…the older kids are more likely to be home then…and if they catch the cartoons while channel surfing and like what they see…who knows!?!

    I have quite a few of the un-cut DVD collections that were released during the last 3-4 years…so for me personally I have those DVD collections and all the extra’s and bonus material to satisfy me if I’m in a Looney Tunes mood but I like the idea that the cartoons are being aired on television again on a nationwide cable channel, censored or not.

  • Kevin

    Has anyone noticed! The Looney Tunes have been removed from the daily line up. What’s up?! I would have prefered they never been aired in the first place then for them to air for a few weeks & then be yanked off without explaination. I’m really pissed!!!

  • Mike

    Yea, I also noticed that Kevin. I was hoping it was just a temporary removal but it has been gone for a couple of weeks now. Really disappointed.

  • I’ve been checking their schedule, and I don’t see any sign of them returning any time soon. Cartoon is run by the dumbest people on the planet. The only way I could see Looney Tunes on Boomerang is to double my cable bill with all the extra crap I’d have to take along with it. We need Cable a-la-carte.

  • I hate to say it to you all, but… Cartoon Network did it again! They took Looney Tunes off the air!

  • Jodi

    I was soooo happy when I seen Looney Tunes back on cartoon network that I’m glad now that I DVRed them because they are not on there anymore. I don’t understand CN. Those are the best cartoons ever. Total Classics and why you dont keep them on, I just don’t understand. But I did hear on Q95 that this fall Looney Tunes is coming back with 26 new episodes. I really hope it’s true and I really hope that you will start showing the classics once again… I’ve been a fan for over 30 years now BRING THEM BACK!

  • Barbara J Bowen

    Just finished watching the first 45 minutes of Looney Tunes, wish they were on more often! I’m 68 years old and I don’t think I will ever get tired of them, especially Bugs! Something is better than NOTHING, I missed them so much I went out and bought as many DVD’s I could fine, but it’s not the same as watching them on TV for some reason.