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Paramount Shorts 1934


Here’s a killer item on ebay.

If I could afford it, I’d buy this. Since I can’t I might as well post it here and maybe one of our rich readers will get it and make a high rez scan for me.

  • Del Walker

    “Tis a nice item Jerry! The page with the theatrical poster grabs is fascinating. Of particular note are “Red Hot Mama” and “Betty In Blunderland” both of which are quite striking. I wonder if either still exists in a private collection somewhere…..

  • Pretty cool, Jerry! Did you check the seller’s other items? He/She’s got a copy for the Three Little Pigs sheet music from 1933, as well as funny Mickey Mouse Post Toasties cutouts!

  • That’s pretty cool…..does anyone have any historical information on ‘Wild Oysters’, the stop-motion short that Charley Bowers did for Paramount?

  • uncle wayne

    Holy ____! What a catch!!

  • Jim Reid

    I have a booklet that’s like that only from MGM. It promotes the Hal Roach comedy shorts, the Fitzpatrick travelogues and The Ub Iwerks Flip the Frog cartoons.

  • FP

    6 pages of the 8-page booklet are on the ebay page as pretty good scans. The price is right.

    Here’s the Popeye Page

  • Keith Paynter

    I’ve used ebay as an excellent resource for rare and vintage 16mm cartoons. In what must be million to one odds, I’ve just won 2 (count ’em, 2) Private Snafu shorts in less than a week (and these things are scarcer than hen’s teeth). They’ve been added to my upcoming Cartoons For Victory film festival scheduled for November.

    (Now that I’ve given away my secret, I’ll have to fend of a few more zealous collectors!!)

  • Paul Mular

    Bummer, I got out bid in the last 30 seconds or so of the auction. I was hoping to reproduce the booklet for fellow animation fans as a way to preserve this rarity from getting lost to history. Maybe the winning bidder will have similar thoughts.

  • Update: Happy ending , folks! A friend of mine purchased this item and will be scanning it very high rez so I can use it for future potential publishing projects.