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Pop Quiz

Ahhh… watching TV back in the sixties. Here’s a Mystery Photo off the retro-photo blog BreadCameSliced. What cartoon is he watching? See the comments below for the answer.

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  • Cari S


  • Tom Pope

    Bad Luck Blackie?

    • Conor

      almost definitely

  • Bobby

    He is watching a Tex Avery cartoon. I believe the episode is called “What Price Fleadom.”

  • Tom Pope

    or Cat’s Meow

  • Huckleberry Hound?

  • Adam Wells

    King Size Canary

  • uncle wayne

    it’s H-B, i know THAT!

  • Dave W

    King Size Canary!

  • Guido

    Tom & Jerry!

  • JP

    Chilly Willy?

  • John A

    It looks like a Walter Lantz Tex Avery. (“I’m Cold”? “Legend of Rockabye Point”?)One of those ones with the dog and the Polar Bear.

  • Charles Visser

    By the shape of the bulldog, I’d say it ‘s Tex Avery’s “The Legend of Rock A Bye Point”.

  • Charles Visser

    The Legend of Rock A Bye Point by Tex Avery.

  • Brad Constantine

    Bad luck Blackie?

  • James Tim Walker


    • Chris Sobieniak

      I was just thinking of that!

  • James Tim Walker

    PIE-EYED PIRATE …..a yogi bear cartoon….

    • robert alvarez

      The reason Tim knows the answer is because the photo is of Tim watching cartoons at his grand mothers house.

  • “What Price Fleadom” – Tex Avery

  • Mike Kazaleh

    Yogi Bear in Pie Pirates!

  • James Tim Walker

    Pie-Eyed Pirates, a Yogi Bear cartoon

  • Chris

    Chopper from Yakky Doodle?

  • A Dum Dum Pops Commercial ????

  • Octaroon

    Yogi Bear in Pie Pirates, which was part of the Huckleberry Hound Show

  • Jay Sabicer

    Pie-Pirates with Yogi & Boo Boo

  • Tim Hodge

    Tex Avery’s “Ventriloquist Cat”

  • Yup its Pie Pirates. man! missed it.

  • Eric

    Looks like Bad Luck Blackie.

  • James Tim-Walker wins the free DVD (which I’ll hand you next time I see you, Tim) for correctly identifying the TV image from the first Yogi Bear cartoon! Thanks to all who entered – it was a toughie!
    Pie Pirates

    • top cat james

      Uh, Jerry, don’t wanna be a troublemaker, but Mike Kazaleh should be the winner. “Pie Pirates” is correct.

  • Hildy Brooks

    James Cagney in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

  • Trevor

    Pink Floyd: The Wall

  • Jorge Garrido

    If anything, I think this contest proves that early HB cartoons were well designed enough to be confused with the work of the greatest animation director who ever lived.


  • Dr. Truth

    “legend of the overfiend”?