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Popeye DVD Vol. 2

popeyeboxv2.jpgIt was officially announced today that Popeye the Sailor Vol. 2 from Warner Home Video will be released on June 17th 2008. Bonus materials will include a documentary on the Fleischer Studios, an interview with Jack Mercer, and the complete Fleischer feature film Gulliver’s Travels (1939). I’ll reveal more information on the bonus features in a future post, closer to the release date. In the meantime, enjoy this rare title card (below), snapped with my notoriously funky cel phone camera, off a glare-filled TV screen. It’s the original opening title card to Aladdin And His Wonderful Lamp, not seen since it’s initial release in 1939. This film, the third Technicolor two-reel Popeye special, and thirty other Popeye black & white classics will presented complete, uncut and beautifully restored on this landmark volume.

  • Well, blow me nose–this is terrific news!!!

    Jerry, will Gulliver be restored?

  • Dear Sir,

    Baby Mia will be so happy!

  • Great news! I’m beginning to feel like the gluttonous Mr. Creosote from Monty Python’s THE MEANING OF LIFE. The more goodies that Warner Home Video shovels onto my plate, the more I want until they offer that one last little wafer . . .

  • Jubal Kessler

    I’m so there. Thank you for the good news, Jerry!

  • J Hobart B

    Wow, this is exciting. I would have gladly paid the usual price of these collections JUST for a decent-looking transfer of Gulliver — The fact that that’s just one of the BONUS FEATURES is great news.

    Also, I love the gorgeous cover art on these collections. Really demonstrates the care that is being put into them.

  • Woo Hoo!! I’m absolutely hooked on the first set, and this one is coming out four days before my wedding, so early wedding present for me!

  • Warner seems to be really pushing to concept of breaking down cartoon DVD sets into two-disc affairs. The upcoming Freakazoid and Smurf releases will be 2-discers when in the past they probably would’ve been four discs.

    I just hope this doesn’t throw too much of a monkey wrench into the release schedule. If the new mandates mean having to wait another year to get the next 31 shorts, that would be the biggest classic cartoon disappointment since the unrestored Treasures.

    Also curious as to how the new format will affect the restoration of the cartoons, paricularly the original titles to the B/W shorts after the hiccups on the last set (the unearthed Aladdin card sounds promising)

  • Richard

    I’m definetly going to buy this.
    Thanks for the news, Jerry!

  • That is, indeed, treeeee-mendous nooz! Thank YOO for such a joyous update!!

  • Mat

    I am really looking forward to this one, especially for Gulliver. Just wish it was a 4 discer like we had last year.

  • Pop-eyed

    Is the soundtrack all complete for the opening?

  • Aaron Schneiderman

    Personally, I would prefer this collection stick to Popeye and other more obscure Fleischer cartoons. I feel Gulliver’s Travels deserves the respect of a separate release.

  • Well this is great news. Does this mean that Warners is willing to take a chance on other Fleischer material in the public domain such as the Superman shorts? I do hope a restored print of GT will be used as the prints of the silent Ko-Kos varied in quality and were without music tracks.

  • Nicolas Orizaga

    Hey Mike…Warners already took on the Superman cartoons…see the Superman Movie boxset…

    me personally I would’ve hoped for a Gulliver’s Travels boxset with the 8 (?) Gabby cartoons and the (11?) Animated Antics since they were both spun off the feature film…

  • Jeremiah

    I hope this is not double sided.

  • gene schiller

    I’d give all the Popeye b&ws for one really good, restored print of Gulliver’s Travels.

  • One of the discs (if not both) may very well end up being double-sided, unless the DVD authoring house does some serious bitrate crunching.

    But no one’s asked the inevitable question yet: why wa thew decision made to cut ths DVD down to two discs instead of one? Was it a matter of production costs, or were all of the other black and white cartoons not yet restored/remastered?

    (and yes, will we have to wait another year for the rest of the shorts? I was really looking forward to owning “Kickin’ the Conga ‘Round” on DVD this year.)

  • Hey, I was very surprised to take notice at that new scheduled release of Popeye Vol.2 – 1938 to 1940 ! I’d thought that version would be the final heap of whole Fleischer-era Popeye shorts collection, but it isn’t ! Sound great to have expected to get third version ( Vol.3, 1940 – 1942 ) later this year or next year. Additionally, “Gulliver’s Travels” is the magic bonus there in Vol.2 release without asking for, but I’m anxiously to forseen if there will be the full-restored original release of Fleischer’s second outing feature movie “Mr Bug Goes to Town” ( 1941 ) for the third Popeye DVD Vol.3 package ? It would be greater opportunity way to see the full restored original film title “Mr Bug Goes to Town”, instead of paltry “Hoppity Goes to Town” and it’s mutilated version.

  • Norman Begley

    Hi, does any one know where I can buy the full collection (however far in progress as it may be) I has to be able to ship to Namibia, Africa. I love most cartoon from the 30’s and yeah when I heard this series of DVD’s was coming out I knew it was a must to order it.