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Porky statue found!

Here’s a picture of me with a very rare pig (Uhh… I’m the one on the left).

Aside from production cels, how many physical props are still in existence from classic Looney Tunes? Mike Van Eaton of Van Eaton Galleries just acquired this piece (it’s not for sale – yet) from the estate of a Termite Terrace animator: It’s the Porky statue seen in the opening titles of Porky’s Hero Agency (1937). Apparently Bob Clampett made several of these and gave them to his top staff. The one in the film is painted, this one is not. This one is also inscribed with Porky’s name on the base, and a “(c) LS” (copyright Leon Schlesinger) on the back of the piece. Click on thumbnails below to get a better look.

  • That is quite a find! Bob Clampett’s Porky was easily the most appealing of the early Porky Pig designs. I wonder if these were used as “models” for the animators, like they did at Disney? In the movie “Bugs Bunny Superstar”, Clampett shows the audience a statue of Bugs Bunny…I wonder if they had statues of the other characters as well?

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Wow, amazing! Porky Pig is historically the second most important character in Looney Tunes history. What a shame that the executives at Warner Bros. have so little regard for him that he is virtually disallowed to appear on any product licensing – a policy I’ve been arguing against for years, to little avail.

  • – Nice pig!

    – Would like to have seen a wide shot of the cels on the wall in the background!

  • Hooper

    “Porky Pig is historically the second most important character in Looney Tunes history.”

    Indeed. Not to mention, at one time he was groomed to be Warner’s answer to Mickey Mouse!

  • Mel

    Warners didn’t have the same money as Disney to do multiple maquettes for their animators. There was the one original Bugs Bunny sculpture that Bob Clampett kept in his Seward Street office for decades, which should still be around, albeit crumbling with age. This Porky example survived in part because multiples happened to be made.

  • Kevin Mummery

    What’s it made of, Jerry? It appears to be slipcast and glazed clay or porcelain, which may explain why it’s lasted so long and in such good condition.

    Wish I’d found it first!

  • Tom brakefield

    I believe Clampett made a number of these PORKY’s
    for sale to other WB employees in 1937. I am told that they sold for $2 each and that he also made a much more
    durable, fired version for sale at $3 or $4. Sums to reckon with back in 1937.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Wow! That’s a great find. How much did you pay for it?

    A few years ago I was at a memorabilia auction bidding on Bob Clampett’s old toupee. But I lost out.

  • That is quite a find, Jerry! I was amazed by the Porky statue in the opening titles of PORKY’S HERO AGENCY, so I’m amazed to see the statue itself.

  • Robert Schaad

    Very cool. I have a similar staue of Porky, porcelain…I think (bought by my mom eons ago at Woolworths). Sky blue in color w/ no base.

  • Thad

    Cool find. And it can be yours for a down payment of $9,999.99. :-)

  • The original bugs maquette is rumored to still be in the Clampett family collection.

  • How about getting cels for Paramount logos for Fleischer/Famous toons or George Pal Puppetoon opening/closing “props”?

  • Gerard de Souza

    I’m almost certain in Bugs Bunny Superstar there is a clip of someone, perhaps Clampett, kissing this statue’s butt for the camera.

  • Gerard de Souza

    “A few years ago I was at a memorabilia auction bidding on Bob Clampett’s old toupee. But I lost out.”

    …to Ringo Starr?

  • Nice!

    Now where did that flesh-colored, life-size Jerry Beck statues come from?

  • Chaz Clark

    Wow, where can i get that statue of porky pig!?