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Rare Animation on TCM: “UPA Cartoons”

This is gallery of images from Columbia Pictures cartoon shorts produced by UPA (United Productions of America), the groundbreaking animation studio of the 1950s who changed the perception of what animation could be. These cartoons will be telecast Oct. 21st at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific on Turner Classic Movies – 1. A cel and background from RAGTIME BEAR (1949), 2. Book cover from GERALD McBOING BOING (1950), 3. cel and background from GERALD McBOING BOING (1950), 4. The poster for ROOTY TOOT TOOT (1952), 5. A color sketch for ROOTY TOOT TOOT (1952), 6. a newspaper advertisement for THE TELL TALE HEART (1953), 7. The one sheet poster for A UNICORN IN THE GARDEN (1953). 8. An animation cel and background from FUDGET’S BUDGET (1954), 9. A cel and background from CRISTOPHER CRUMPET (1953), 10. a frame grab from CHRISTOPHER CRUMPET (1953), 11. and 12. two comics books based on UPA cartoons.

  • Brian

    Very excited about this, thanks to your Dork Forest Podcast appearance. DVR is all set to go!

  • Jerry, will this all be showing in the UK as well? Or is it just the US TCM channel?

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Is there any chance of ‘Gay Purree’ being screened on TCM Jerry?

  • Bob

    I was somewhat blown away by the animation in “Fudget’s Budget.” Wow!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Sure does. You got characters that are really flat lines on a chart that have only one side to them, if they move around they’ll turn into single lines. They also clash with the backgrounds as they aren’t colored on the inside, this cartoon literally breaks all the rules with it’s deliberate attention!

      • Jeff Von Molt

        Fantastic! Thanks Chris!

  • Jeff Von Molt

    Any chance these UPA cartoons will be release on a DVD collection? They are fantastic and I’d love to see more. What a treat!