Breaking: ‘The Tiny Chef Show’ Stop-Motion Studio Factory Transmedia Declares Bankruptcy

Animator Spotlight: Bobe Cannon

Cannon is best known for directing graphically groundbreaking shorts like ‘Gerald McBoing Boing,’ but his incredible work as an animator on the Warner Bros. and MGM films is sometimes overlooked.

How to Look At Ad Reinhardt, The Cartoonist Who Was A Fine Artist

Ad Reinhardt (1913-1967) was an artist’s artist, renowned among critics and curators, but hard for the general public to warm up to. His most famous fine art works are his Black Paintings, from the 1960s, which at first glance appear to be solid black, but on closer inspection turn out to be blocks of black and almost-black shades. Important, but challenging.

“When the Wind Blows” Director Jimmy Murakami, RIP

Japanese-American animation legend Jimmy Murakami, who played an important role in the development of Ireland’s animation industry, has died at the age of 80, reported the organization Animation Ireland. The cause of death is unknown.

When Amsterdam Went UPA: Dutch Modern Cartoons in the 1950s

Strictly speaking, the term ‘Dutch modern cartoons’ is a little misleading. They were made in Holland, yes. But the major stars in our story are four artists who came from England and Denmark.

Thursday in NYC: An Illustrated Lecture on UPA

Animation historian Adam Abraham (author of When Magoo Flew) will be doing a UPA talk and book signing at the New York Public Library’s Lincoln Center branch…


As previously noted, this Sunday night yours-truly, Jerry Beck, spends the whole evening co-hosting an entire block of classic animated …

Rare Animation on TCM: “UPA Cartoons”

This is gallery of images from Columbia Pictures cartoon shorts produced by UPA (United Productions of America), the groundbreaking …

AniMazSpot Announces 2012 Festival Schedule

AniMazSpot 2012 is ready to open the gate to the fourth annual festival for and about animated short filmmakers, September 10 – 16.Ten …

UPA Commercials Discovered

In the six years since the publication of my book Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in 1950s Animation, a lot of new artwork and films …

AniMazSpot Announces 2012 Festival Lineup

The AniMazSpot 2012 festival, September 10 – 16, will be a bit different this year, splitting its events between the historic Alex …