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Ruth Clampett’s Blog

Bob Clampett’s daughter Ruth has started a blog!

Baby Ruthy’s Blog is an extension of Ruth’s Wildsville Gallery where she sells limited edition art based on Warner Bros. and DC Comics properties (as well as Beany & Cecil originals). She plans to post a few times a week and will definitely dip into the Clampett personal archives for topics to discuss. I know several fans (including myself) who will be regularly checking in to see what Ruthy has to show and tell.

  • Hold the phone! Clampett had a Daughter?!

  • BJ Wanlund

    Wow, that’s great! Awesome story about the Coal Black cel’s creation and the famous lady into whose hands Ruth Clampett put it into.

  • Ted

    That proposed limited Coal Black cel has all the problems limited cels have; it presents Coal as a bit of a butter face, but even then her body fails to come anywhere close to the sexiness or cartooniness of the original in the cartoon as a while, altho it’s fairly accurate for the actual scene, it’s probably the worst looking Coal in the entire cartoon.

  • robert barker

    Uh, the most significant thing said is that it looks like Coal Black is going to get an official WB release.

  • Chris

    I didn’t read that, Robert.

  • Turnip

    Ruby Dandridge did NOT voice the Wicked Queen? This is news.

  • a reader

    “Hold the phone! Clampett had a Daughter?!”

    Two daughters and a son. It’s no secret.: )

  • PCUnfunny

    I hope she posts some personal drawings from Bob.

  • jose

    be nice if we could see some of the war year sketches
    from classic Clampett cartoons
    of that era