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Next Saturday in SF: FELIX THE CAT in 35mm

If you are not at the San Diego Comic Con next Saturday, but find yourself in Northern California – here’s where you should dwell: The San Francisco Silent Film Festival. The wonderful all-women Bay Area musical group Toychestra (that’s not them above), is teaming up with pianist Donald Sosin to create the score for a collection of rare silent FELIX THE CAT cartoons. Archival 35mm prints coming from the UCLA Film & Television Archive, Library of Congress, and George Eastman House will be screened. Titles include Felix the Cat in Blunderland, Felix the Cat Weathers the Weather, Felix Loses Out, Jungle Bungles, Eskimotive, Felix Gets Revenge, and Felix Flirts with Fate. The program will be introduced by Leonard Maltin. Tickets are now on sale for Irrepressible Felix the Cat!, co-Presented by The Exploratorium and The Cartoon Art Museum, on Saturday July 14th, at 10:00am. My advice: Do-Not-Miss!

  • Of course, when you finally post about something going on in my neck of the woods, it’ll be when I’m out of town. Phooey.

    I’m even a CAM member, too, and it would have been nice to make use of that membership for something!

    Oh well.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It is a shame when things go unplanned.

  • I’ll be there; I’ll probably be wearing a Gertie T shirt (I don’t have a Felix one). Also in San Francisco later the same day John Canemaker discusses artists like Heinrich Kley and their influence on Disney films, at the Disney Family Museum.

  • John A

    It would have been SO COOL if that WAS the actual orchestra, except now they’re all in their nineties. They still wear the same Felix sweaters and plaid skirts,too.

  • San Francisco always manages to have some of its best cartoon-related evens when I’m on the other side of the state at Comic-Con.

    • Funkybat

      My guess is that it is an attempt at offering a “consolation prize” to people who can’t make it to Comic-Con but are in the spirit for animation-related special events. Since stuff like this is not exactly common up in NorCal, it would be nice to see some of it scheduled outside of Comic-Con’s shadow. In this case, I suspect it’s not really planned, I doubt the SF Silent Film Festival folks are too concerned with Comic-Con.