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Saul Bass on Titles

A 35-minute collection of classic Saul Bass film titles with narration and insights by Bass himself:

(via Smashing Telly)

  • Saturnome

    The man sure made incredible things – too bad sometimes the 90 following minutes after his works were forgettable.

  • Brad

    wow! nothing but the truth!

  • AWESOME post Amid. Really interesting find! Everything should be entertaining. And his idea of credits as a prologue is a revelation. That’s great! It’s especially important for animation because every second of animation takes so much time. If you can do the exposition during the credits, that’s a huge load off your back.

  • Graham

    Video is down :(

  • “Video is down :(”

    Works fine for me!

    This film is also available on the “Short 11 – Ecstasy” DVD:

    The DVD also features a short about Charles & Ray Eames.

  • Thank you for posting this Amid. I’ve been waiting for this to pop up.

  • Graham

    Looks like it’s back up again. Great post! Thanks!

  • I’ve always been impressed in the many different styles Bass worked in – he could go from the quiet poetry of grafitti-on-street-signs (from the end titles of “West Side Story” to the sheer lunacy of “It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World”. He also designed a lot of poster graphics – his most gripping had to be his poster for “The Man with The Golden Arm”.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Thank you. This is wonderful.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Noticed the Pyramid logo at the opening, great little distributor of films some may’ve seen at one point or another at schools, summer camps and TV filler on HBO. Being reminded some of Bass’ logo designs are still used today.