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Terrytoon Animators at work, 1939


Asifa-Hollywood’s Animation Archive has unearthed and posted a rare silent 8mm film shot by animators at Terrytoons detailing the process of making an animated cartoon. This color film, from 1939, was shot by artist Larry Silverman and was recently found in the estate of animator Carlo Vinci. The film features key Terry personnel, from Director Connie Rasinski to musician Phil Schieb, producing a cartoon called Harvest Time. The Archive has also uploaded the finished short.

  • hey –

    does anyone know if this is the film that Paul Terry used to take around to schools to demonstrate the animation process? Howard Beckerman did a presentation a while back at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Westchester County, NY that explained how this strongly influenced his interest in animation. . . i’ve seen B&W versions, but never a color one ! WOW !!

  • That’s very cool. Larry Silverman showed this to a bunch of young animators at Filmation back in 1979, and I always wondered what happened to it. Larry is the “cranky” artist in the film.

  • Tom Minton

    I thought that looked like Larry, Kent. He may have lost his hair over the decades, but he could still conjure up that ‘sourpuss’ expression late in the game.