<em>The Little Cloud</em> – a Filmstrip <em>The Little Cloud</em> – a Filmstrip

The Little Cloud – a Filmstrip

I did a post about Cathedral Films back in 2007 when we found a connection between this religious film strip producer and Bill Hanna and Gene Hazelton. Filmstrips are still in a side-alley of animation history that has yet to be explored. Artists from MGM, Disney and others worked on these after hours. Here’s another filmstrip somebody posted in its entirety on the internet, and artwork here is pretty good (note Paul Frees as the voice of the ocean). Anyone recognize the art style?

  • Randy Koger

    Oh, wow…it’s Paul Frees doing his same voice that he did for nearly everything. (Ghost Host anyone?)
    The filmstrip is really interesting…..Paul is just being Paul again. (Yawn.)

  • There’s a terrific book called “Change Your Underwear Twice A Week” by Danny Gregory which reproduces images from dozens of filmstrips and credits the production company.

    A quick flip through does not reveal this particular one.

    You’ll love the book, Jerry.

  • s.w.a.c.

    Man, Paul Frees is everywhere.

    Maybe there should be a game of Six Degrees of Frees.

  • Richard O’Connor – I have that book – and I highly recommend it to all!

  • EHH

    Hey! Paul Frees did more than one voice, Randy. Boris and Ludwig Von Drake had different accents for crying out loud! Besides, if anyone should be accused for using the same voice over and over again, it’s Sterling Holloway (Not that I have a problem with it. I love his one voice.).

  • Yeah, it’s the same Paul Frees voice, but man, it sure works.

    Plus, Paul was the ultimate professional, and got the job done. If you’re a producer on a budget, this is the man you need.

    I worked with Paul at Disney as well. I really liked the guy and I still miss him.

  • Seems to be in the same boat with Pixar’s Partly Cloudy.

    (Using my last name when I post now as I’ve noticed somebody else posting as ‘Christian.’)

  • Rose Fox

    Paul’s wonderful and added something special to each project he touched.

    He certainly had more than one voice.

    …and I am very grateful for the many he shared with all of us. His intonations adding so much to the countless appearances they were lent to.

    I wish there were far more research done into films like this. They serving their purpose and then moving on without much notice. They often done with some skill, and done well. Thank you for making an effort to share such films with us Jerry. It’s well appreciated.

  • It’s funny how I can’t watch this and simply accept the innocence of it. I keep expecting something post-modern and absurd to happen in the next frame. :/

  • i can relate chris romano…thats where society had led us huh?

  • steve w.

    Sounds like Gaylord Carter on the mighty Wurlitzer organ.