“The Return of Count Spirochete” (1973) “The Return of Count Spirochete” (1973)

“The Return of Count Spirochete” (1973)

Just in time to cash in on the Twilight craze – (Not!) – someone posted on You Tube this anti-venereal disease educational film, produced for the Navy Medical Center in 1973, which casts Syphilis as a vampire. Oh, and in case you want to own a physical copy of this masterpiece, The US Department of Commerce’s National Technical Information Service will sell it to you on video — on VHS — for just $55!

(via Armed With Science)

  • Sherrie

    I can’t even imagine what it was like to storyboard some of those scenes.

  • That’s an interesting piece of animation there. I wonder who did the voices.

    Animation Arts Associates was (is?) an small studio located in Pennsylvania. Don’t know any other info about the place, though.

  • Jeffers

    I really want plush toys of the diseases! Especially gonorrhea!

  • Chris

    I hope the government’s not counting on sales to close the deficit…

  • Mad Hatter

    I wonder who was voicing the reaper?

  • Oh, seriously on VHS? No way.Are there any VHS players around amidst this digital era? Whatever!But I guess, this would be really nice.

    @Jeffers- I agree, i would also like to get a hold of flush toys of the diseases.

    BTW, is there any other promotional items related to such? Just curious.

  • Oh i have to correct its not flush, its PLUSH:D