The Twelve Animated Days of Christmas, #1 The Twelve Animated Days of Christmas, #1
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The Twelve Animated Days of Christmas, #1

The “twelve days of Christmas” technically begin after Christmas Day, but we’re starting them early. Every day between now and Christmas, we’re offering one holiday-themed piece of animation.

To get things started, here’s a classic from the NFB: the Oscar-nominated 1963 short Christmas Cracker with segments directed by Norman McLaren, Jeff Hale, Gerald Potterton and Grant Munro.


    Was the animated court jester inspired by Danny KaY’s animated opening title sequence to his film THE COURT JESTER?
    I’d never seen this one before…
    Thanks for posting it.
    Going shopping now…

  • I remember seeing this short on Canadian cable TV years ago.

  • malbowbee

    Please fix the video.
    maybe it’s just on my computer, but the bottom of the video (containing the buttons) is cut off.


  • Keith Paynter

    Oooh! Now, when do we get The Great Toy Robbery?