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Tom Chasing Jerry for 10 hours

Peter Jackson’s Tom & Jerry trilogy (the director’s cut) is now on You Tube…

(Thanks, Mark Newgarden)

  • Wow try watching this for 10 hours XD

  • Jaktheparrot

    It should have been split into three parts.

  • Wow! What was the point of that?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      The internet makes it possible to macroscopically replicate the dreams and wishes we all had when we were 5!

    • Céu D’Ellia

      I understood as a criticism to Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy, that after all is only a 10 hours of boring chasing.
      Don’t you think so?

  • Either they’re going in a circle or that hallway is of an ungodly length.

  • Wow! I can’t wait for the prequel trilogy!!

  • Wow, I have to say… the YouTube video in itself is completely brain-dead, but your commentary actually gives it purpose.

  • A LOT better than the other Tom and Jerry movie…

  • MRoig

    I feel compelled to watch it all just to see if there’s an easter egg in there somewhere.

  • Lauren

    Slow news day, eh?

  • jordan reichek

    screw water-boarding.

    stick that in someone’s face for a while and see how quickly they crack.

  • Somewhere in the afterlife, Bill Hanna’s asking Joe Barbera, “Why the hell didn’t WE think of that?!? This puts our corner-cutting to shame!”

  • I can’t wait to see the extended director’s cut.

  • Jow

    These 10 hours are better than the entirety of Moder Day Cartoons. (Oh yeah, I said it. Zing.)

    • Mac

      We always thought of Tom and Jerry as the final degenerate form of golden era animation. It’s so unentertaining, ugly, and lame, and still won academy awards over its more interesting contemporaries, and the aesthetic heights of inventive beauty that had already been reached in the cartoons at by that time.

      • James

        What, compared to Terrytoons, Famous Studios, Lantz Studios, and Columbia Screen Gems output? Or was the “golden age” of cartoons limited to Disney, WB, and MGM?

        At any rate, your myopic hyperbole is duly noted.

      • Man! A world where classic Tom & Jerry is the worst the medium of animated cartooning has to offer! This must be a place where Paul Terry and Walter Lantz’s studios never existed. Holy hell, I need to stay away from THAT place for sure.

  • I stopped at 3 hours in.

    • Céu D’Ellia

      I stopped at 9 hours and 57 minutes. It was enough.

  • What a waste of Youtube’s drive space.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      There’s plenty of videos out there that is a waste of server space as we speak.

  • craig m

    I’d like to see the storyboard.

  • the best part was 4 hours and 23 minutes to 4 hours and 27minutes….the rest was just ok. I’d rate it 7.5/11.9.

  • James

    This is pretty darn lazy, even for Youtube (if that’s possible). It’s just a 3 second loop of a single chase that was cycled 100k times.

    I was sort of hoping it had all of the cartoon chases stitched together and repeating for 10 hour. This looks more like a meme video or “Youtube Poop” (weak even on those levels)

    • Joel

      Speaking of which, I’m hoping Cartoon Brew posts more YouTube Poops soon.

  • Mark

    I loved it. Made me think of performances of Eric Satie’s Vexations (I was part of one years ago).

  • pengo

    Philip Glass is doing Tom & Jerry soundtracks now?

  • Confusion

    It’s overthinking the video that makes it funny. The fact that Tom is so intensely focused on chasing Jerry that he’s able to completely ignore any physical strain ans retain his stamina over those 10 hours. And that the kitchen is long enough to accommodate that 10 hour sprint, as well as the insane amount of water it must’ve taken to freeze the entire floor. I don’t envy Mammy Two Shoes when she feels like going to the fridge for a snack.

  • markus

    what a long room..