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Wanna buy Max Fleischer’s animation desk?

Ahhh… the things you’ll find on Craigslist.

According to the seller, “Felix the Cat (comic, strip AND animation) was created on this very table (I have no actual proof of this, though times/dates/people involved would point this towards the truth). This table was also used by Famous artists Joseph “Joe” Oriolo and Otto Messmer (as evidenced by notes on the animation disc’s backside.)”

Hmmm… maybe Casper the Friendly Ghost was created on this desk too. The seller certainly sounds “friendly”. Bid on it here.

(Thanks, Bob Foster)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    This proves the effectiveness of the Internet as we speak. Too bad I don’t have the wad or transportation for that baby!

  • Zee

    If I had the money and lived in the area I would buy it in a heart beat. I’m a sucker for nostalgic animation related stuff. Imagine the inspiration, knowing you are drawing on the exact same table Popeye, Betty Boop, and Superman were drawn on. It would be the equivalent of a guitarist in a garage band being given the guitar Chuck Berry’s old guitar.

  • I know another Fleischer alumni who says an animation table he has was Max’s. Maybe Max had more than one.

  • David

    I thought these are what the Fleischer desks looked like:

    Not doubting the provenance of the advertised desk (or at least the animation disc) having been used by Otto Messmer and Joe Oriolo , but the desk looks like it may have been someone’s at-home animation desk for use on freelance jobs on the weekends.

  • Jeremy Fries

    Wait…weren’t Oxberry pegs created much later???

  • It can go with the Fleischer Studios pencil I posted on my Facebook page coincidentally this morning !

  • Geoff. W.

    Maybe I see too much value in the desk, or I’m just a sceptic, but I would think this is an item that would appear at an auction (like Christie’s) not in the online pennysaver…

  • Looks like a desk from the sixties to me.

  • Koko the Boop

    A photo of the Fleischer desks (& discs) can be seen here:

  • Matthew

    Felix was by Pat Sullivan Studios rather than Fleischer’s wasn’t it?

  • There was a guy on ebay about 15 years ago (I forget his name) who actually worked at the Fleischer Studio – who also had Max’s desk for sale. The desk he had pictured online looked like the desks shown in “The Fleischer Story” and in “Koko the Boop”s post. He also had authentic Fleischer memorabilia for sale at the same time.