Audrey in Spanish Audrey in Spanish

Audrey in Spanish


Kali Fontecchio posts a Little Audrey comic story (in Spanish) drawn by animator Steve Muffatti.

  • That’s what I love about the Brew; It’s the only Place where I can see Blogposts covering stuff like This.

    I love Little Audrey, and come from a Spanish-speaking ancestry, so I’m really sinking my teeth into this

  • Charles Brubaker

    That gag in page 3 was also used in that Gene Deitch “Tom and Jerry” cartoon “Down and Outing.” (Although, unfortunately for Tom, he reeled in a very angry man, not a little kid)

  • Whoaaaaaaaaaaa cartoon brew plugs Kali! I wonder if she knows! I’ll bet she is excited!

  • Alfons Moline

    Muchas gracias! Since I´m from Spain I was able to read perfectly this La Pequeña Audrey story. This was published by La Prensa, a major Mexican comic book publisher during the 50´s and 60´s which translated other Harvey characters as well, such as Gasparin (Casper), Pil-Dorita (Little Dot), Flamita (Hot Stuff) and others.
    By the way, Jerry, I am awaiting anxiously that Casper book reprinting his earliest stories! Hopefully this will be successful enough to issue a further volume reprinting other Famous/Harvey characters (Little Audrey,Baby Huey, Buzzy, etc.) vintage comic book stories.