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Hot Stuff


The latest compilation book of vintage Harvey Comics, Hot Stuff – Harvey Comics Classics Vol. 3 is now on sale (though the official publication date is technically next Wednesday, March 26). Leslie Cabarga and I present the best stories and art from this classic Harvey series, which features (in my humble opinion) the finest comic art that Warren Kremer and Howard Post ever did for the company. Leslie laid out the book, and touched up the color art and original black & white proofs for outstanding reproduction, I provide a historical overview of the strip in my Introduction, and Harvey expert Mark Arnold contributes an informative Foreword. Check out the amazon link to see a preview of several pages. For 480 pages of devilish fun (only $13.57 on amazon), you can’t go wrong.

  • TDolce

    This is truly “Hot Stuff” (no pun intended) as was the Casper book too. What BEAUTIFUL line work in these old stories. I have to believe these early Harvey comics were sadly undervalued and under appreciated for their great stories and wonderful art. I use these for references all of the time when I’m stuck on a character pose. Truly some masterful work there!

  • I’m just being lazy here and want to avoid a long Net search but did Casper’s devilish transformation in FRIGHT FROM WRONG serve as inspiration for Hot Stuff? Or was Hot Stuff already running when the cartoon was made?

  • Art – I mention this in my Introduction in the book, but I believe the Casper cartoon was an influence. Hot Stuff made his comic book debut a year after that cartoon was released.

  • Art n’ Jerry-
    Whoa- I remember that cartoon! And as a kid, I thought the same thing! Jerry, why hasn’t Hotstuff, or Stumbo either for that matter, ever gotten a cartoon short or two? Harvey could have been far more pro-active in getting studios like Filmation, Rankin Bass, HB,
    etc…, to make their great comics into cartoons- I always thought as a kid there MUST be cartoons of these characters somewhere- because they are all featured in TV screens on their covers!
    Have you addressed the Harvey TV screens in any of the books and I just missed it? If not, I’d like to hear anything you can say about this.

  • Killroy McFate

    Awww…demons from the pits of hell are just so gosh darn cute!

  • As a longtime Hot Stuff fan, I hightailed it over to Amazon right away and snagged this. I was unaware of the earlier Harvey reprints and was very disappointed to see that the Casper volume is already out of print. Any plans to reissue? It’s a big discouragement to collecting all of these to have the first book unavailable… But congratulations to you, Jerry, on being affiliated with what looks to be yet another top-flight project.

  • Christopher Cook

    One of the last Kremer works I saw was the first few issues of Marvel’s “Count Duckula” series, and he also drew some “Danger Mouse” stories as well. Kremer was very, very good at the Duckula cast; his Danger Mouse art looked too Harvey-ish but still better than the artists who took over later issues.

  • Hey Jerry-
    The Amazon link offers this as a ‘bundle’ with the Baby Huey volume. When is that one due out? (The cover art is there.)

  • Thad – The Baby Huey volume won’t be published till July (it’s supposed to debut at the San Diego Comic con).

  • I’m curious about that Baby Huey thing too.

    This is great work, Jerry! Keep it up. Harvey comics are pretty vastly underrated. Warren Kremer had such appeal in all of his work. Many of the others who started the ‘house style’ of Harvey (Howie Post et. al) were more influential than a lot of people realize. I myself had no idea until I checked out the links I listed below. These publications really opened my eyes and made me a fan.

    Anyone interested in learning more about Harvey comics should check out the Harveyville Fun Times website, or pick up Issue 19 of ‘Comic Book Artist’, which you can find HERE.

  • Joseph Nebus

    Oh! The numbering is by Harvey Comics number, not by character?

    … This explains why I never found the Richie Rich Volume 1 book. I had been holding off buying Volume 2 until I found the first volume to go with. I didn’t realize.

  • Larry T

    Already on order.

    These great ‘best-of’ compilations are wonderfully presented…. and they keep me from having to open my collection of the originals to read. :)

    Keep ’em coming Jerry…. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an eventual “Little Dot” volume….