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Krazy over Herriman

Kat lovers unite – you’re about to be hit with a brick! Craig Yoe has just started a website devoted to cartoonist George Herriman.

It’s a treasure trove of all things Krazy including separate blogs filled with Herriman comic strips, rareties, animation, news and more! Go there now!

(In the archival photo above: producer Charles Mintz, unknown, Miss Krazy Kat, animators Ben Harrison and Manny Gould)

  • Michael J. Hayde

    Regarding “unknown”: My guess is it’s Miss Krazy Kat’s… er, “legal guardian.”

  • uncle wayne

    oh Wow! Thank YOO! I love the brick pelting!! Soooper-doops!

  • A Website devoted to cartoonist “George Herriman.” Its really a good news.


  • Jimchig

    Excellent! Can’t wait to delve into this site. High hopes, especially seeing that it’s a Yoe creation. (So that’s what he’s been doing for the last 5 months)

    And I believe Miss Krazy might just be Monica Lewinsky’s grandma?

  • thanx jerry! i want to do a lot more with the the krazy kat animation on the georgeherriman.com site. so if any of your readers have animation stuff or other herriman things to share that’d be great. thanx ag’in!

  • Doug Drown

    I’ve long been curious as to why the Mintz Krazy Kat cartoons depict a character so wildly different from the Harriman comics. (I guess the same question could be asked of Fleischer/Famous’s Popeye from the time of World War II onward.) Any insights —?

  • doug, i’d say it was just grabbing/hustling a fairly well-known name with alliteration that they could shamelessly transform into a mickey mouse look alike to try and grab some of those mickey bucks. way fun to see, though!

  • OM

    …I am actually impressed by this site, and will give it a plug on OMBlog later this evening. However, I do have this one suggestion, and it applies to anyone doing YouTube clips. Check the midpoint so you don’t get a Freudian Slip like the one for the Krazy Kat and Ignatz Mouse at the Circus (1916).

    “See any nice fat mice around, Krazy? I’m hung”

  • Congrats to Craig for doing one of these. Meanwhile, I’ve been running TWENTY-FIVE such major cartoonist sites for over 10 years.

    I can only hope and pray that Craig will be able to keep that insufferable loser and rip-off bum “Mutts” MacDonald from pissing all over his brand new site.

  • Don’t you love the old days when everyone wore suits and looked like lawyers. Awesome.