mortifera-promo mortifera-promo

“Mortifera” comics trailer by MoreFrames

Erie, Pennsylvannia-based MoreFrames Animation created this beautiful (but violent) “launch trailer” for Mortifera, a new comic book series from Orange County, California, based writer Stephan Frost and artist Sarah Partington.

(Thanks, Jordan Held)

  • H park

    I like the humor, but timing in the action animation tooooo slow.

  • Glowworm

    I liked the little “fuck” at the end.

  • Michel Van

    i like it,
    in spite of minimalistic animation
    but dark humor is cool
    special at end “fuucckk”

  • Aaron B.

    Fun, but probably would have benefited from using original music instead.

    Also, did all female knights wear lipstick into battle?

  • Nice editing. The art reminds me a little too much of Jamie Hewlitt and Edward Bond’s work in “Deadline” Magazine during the 90s.

  • M Rahman

    that’s the best ad for a graphic novel I’ve ever seen