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Patrick Osborne, Director of ‘Feast,’ Will Direct ‘Battling Boy’


Since winning the Oscar five months ago for Feast, Patrick Osborne has been on a hot streak that has garnered him both an animated feature and short film directing gig. Now, he can add a live-action/CG hybrid film to the mix.

A report by the Tracking Board revealed that Osborne has signed on to helm Paramount Pictures’ comic adaptation Battling Boy. Based on a graphic novel by Paul Pope, Battling Boy has been in development by Brad Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment since 2008, with numerous scriptwriters taking a stab at the story about a 12-year-old demigod who must battle monsters and demons in the world of Acropolis. Here is a trailer that was done for the release of the comic:

Osborne, who started as an animator on films like Surf’s Up, Bolt, and Tangled, before his Oscar-winning turn on Disney’s Feast, is also slated to direct an animated adaptation of Noelle Stevenson’s comic Nimona for Fox Animation. According to the Tracking Board’s report, Osborne will direct Nimona before tackling Paul Pope’s idea. While it hasn’t officially been announced that Battling Boy is a live-action film, the development history of the project suggests that it is.


Osborne is also directing the interactive short Pearl for Google’s Spotlight Stories.

Watch Cartoon Brew’s interview with Patrick Osborne about Feast:

  • enochrox

    Excited. I always thought that Heavy Liquid would’ve gotten snatched up by Hollywood first though.

  • riley

    Great graphic novel, I’d love to see it animated with Paul Pope’s unique style in tact. Can’t wait to see what Patrick Osborne does with it!

  • John

    Hope this works out, the comic is a great mix of ideas with an all ages appeal. Can’t wait for the next volumes

  • Aveeva

    Good to see this. It is weird how a male who created a short film that was really good gets tons of directorial offers, while a female (Lauren MacMullan) has been given nothing so far.

    • enochrox

      is this a sexism issue? Are you speaking of “Get a horse” or something else? Or could you be reaching?