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Rare Terrytoons Comic Strip FOUND!

Animator Mark Kausler has uncovered a rare 1950s “Terrytoons” comic strip, Barker Bill, and has started posting them on his blog. Paul Terry was a comic strip artist well over a hundred years ago, and became an animation pioneer in the early-teens. Apparently as a tie in to selling his old cartoons to television, Terry introduced his Barker Bill as a strip (drawn by animator Bob Kuwahara) in 1954. They appeared in only a few papers and copies of these strips are scarce. Kausler has grabbed them from various sources, including the Google News Archive from the Greensburg Daily Tribune. He’ll be posting them regularly, eight strips at a time, for the time being HERE. For classic cartoon geeks, this is a real find!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Nice someone found these. Google recently had to stop updating the archive, let alone letting you search it easier anymore so it’s nice for some to go through finding these things.

  • The little critter – the “Gelt from the veldt” – reminds me a bit of Eugene the Jeep.

    • eeteed

      geldt from the veldt = gold from the world.

      was the meaning relevent to the character, or was it just a silly sounding rhyme?

  • Jerry, it looks like the cartoon began Sept. 27, 1954. Here’s what appears to be the first week of it.

  • Are some of them funny?