“The Art of Pho” Motion Comic “The Art of Pho” Motion Comic

“The Art of Pho” Motion Comic

Our friends at The Submarine Channel have just launched a brand-new motion comic based on Julian Hanshaw’s graphic novel The Art of Pho (Random House); four of eight webisodes are now online.

The Art of Phowebsite contains additional info, as well as a Making Of” video and interviews with illustrator/animator Hanshaw and animation director Lois van Baarle. A beautiful, worthwhile project – take a peak:

  • Very well executed.

  • NC

    Love it! This would do really well as an iPad or other mobile app.

  • NC: we wanted to include interactivity and decided to build it in Flash. Ergo, not playable on iPads unfortunately. We’re looking into it now. Could be an option if the motion comic turns out to become an indie hit of sorts.

  • Ryoku75

    I prefer the term “Limited Animation” to stuff like this, since thats what it really is.

    • remco

      It’s not limited animation at all. That wouldn’t do the project justice. It’s more a hybrid of different animation techniques. A lot of scenes are frame-by frame animation.

      • Ryoku75

        If its fram-by-frame and a hybrid then its not a “motion comic”.

        If you’ve seen the 1960’s Marvel Cartoons like the Incredible Hulk, those were “Motion Comics”.

      • “A motion comic is a form of comics combining elements of print comic books and animation.”

        In my opinion, The Art of Pho is just that – an adaptation or recreation of an existing comic. We have kept some of the formal elements of comics, such as text balloons and frames, and music and animation to that :)

  • Heh, “A MOVING story about friendship and love…”

    This looks excellent. I am especially impressed by the sound design.