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The Sunday Funnies (1/3/10)

Our weekly survey of recent comic strips and editorial cartoons that reference animation characters. Though we usually feature print cartoons, the two below — Medium Large by Francesco Marciuliano (12/30/09) and Eek! by Scott Nickel (12/30/09) — are professional web comics.

(Thanks to our regular eagle eyed comic strip watchers Edwin Austin, Jim Lahue, Charles Brubaker and Uncle Wayne)

  • mr

    Thank God he is a professional comic strip writer!
    Because he has worked for the (soon to be extinct) print industry, his work is clearly more worthy than that of someone only working in a differnt medium…

  • Rio

    The last two are funny. Mark Parisi needs to hire a writer.

  • FP

    Didn’t ROBOT CHICKEN already do that same Wimpy gag, only way better?

  • Binge shrinking… that’s what the print industry has done to the comic strip.

    The paradox is that the web versions are still small.

  • AC

    The last two are funny, regardless of who or what wrote them.

  • It warms my heart that the writer of something as bland (but probably wildly lucrative) as Sally Forth also has a strip wherein Wimpy is offering blowjobs for hamburgers.

    It does, however, beg the age-old question: is it acceptable to work on something lame to pay the bills, allowing you to do your own thing on the side?

  • Riley

    I was put off by the comment about the Wimpy cartoon’s writer/author too. As if the cartoon is only worthy because the writer has been a professional syndicated strip artist at one time. I love this site and I come here on an almost daily basis and it seems that at times you work really hard to kick people in the teeth because they don’t hold up to a narrow view of who is professional or not. If any webcartoonist can pay their bills and make a living or if it is even a hobby they work on while working their real job why are they less important because they are not printed in papers?

  • Riley – First off, I have nothing against webcomics – but its our blog and we make the rules here.

    The criteria isn’t whether the cartoon is from print or web, but that it be funny (to me) and be somewhat professional. I had originally decided to post editorial cartoons, magazine gag cartoons and comic strips that appeared in the print media. I’m changing our scope on that a bit. But I’ve been sent many webcomics (with animation reference gags) to consider and found most of them to be awful. This week, I felt two webcomics submissions Brew-worthy. You got a problem with that?

  • HAHAHAHAHA, that Medium Large strip is great. Parisi’s binge drinking comic was funny too. Uh oh, I’m seeing a pattern here…

  • EricW

    Satorical: Re: Sally Forth and Medium Large–One pays the bills, the other pays the soul. I don’t see any major issues there. :)

    Having said that, you might want to Sally Forth a second look anyway. It’s really taken a turn for the better in the past few years, and I have to assume that ML has helped Ces get good and limber for his paying gig.

  • steve w.

    Gee, I don’t find the Wimpy one funny at all. Libelous, maybe, but not funny. What would Segar say?

  • Thomas Dee

    The only one that even brought a smile for me was the last one, and I laughed my fool head off. Partly because I didn’t read the introductions and I was expecting something dull and flavorless like the usual newspaper fare.

  • Rooniman

    The first two: Meh…
    The Grinch one: I like it.
    The last one: Those sick bastards.

  • Riley


    No problem here, I totally agree that this is your site and yours to post what and who you want to talk about. I think I went a bit over board with my intial comment and as someone who has learned a lot and been guided to some really cool sites and form Cartoon Brew I am still not sure why exactly my hackles were raised and I apologize for been a less then gracious guest.

  • Dock Miles

    “What would Segar say?”

    “Almost as sharp as the abortion allegory that got Bobby London’s ass handed to him.”

  • Logweb

    It comes down to this: Wimpy will still do anything for a hamburger.

  • I always wondered about the concerns that would come from the Grinch’s heart growing in size.

  • I find the Alice one funny. And strangely cute.

    Also, I don’t get the “Wimpy” one but you can’t deny that it’s got a fantastic style.

  • toddes

    Sorry, Jerry, nothing funny about the last one.

  • David Breneman

    I also found the Alice one funny, but then I grew up in the 70s… The Sylvester one left me scratching my head. Granny went “Tweet-tweet” so he killed her? Is there something else I’m missing?

  • David: She was tweeting on Twitter (hence the open laptop on the table). I’m not a tweet twit, so I found it barely chuckle worthy.

  • The Alice one was hilarious. I didn’t get the Sylvester one. I thought Granny was tweeting on Twitter. Twitter is so stupid! Heck, FaceBook is way better. I like the Grinch one a lot! The Wimpy one was kinda wimpy.