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The Sunday Funnies (2/28/10)

From the top: Brewster Rockit (2/26/10) by Tim Rickard, and The Argyle Sweater (2/27/10) by Scott Hilburn.

(Thanks to our usual crew of comic strip mavens: Uncle Wayne, Jim Lahue, Charles Brubaker, John Hall and Jed Martinez)

  • mrscriblam

    argyle sweater more like aregoing to leach off gary larson’s reputation by imitating his style and making unfunny pop culture references

  • Tim Brown

    A Dalek isn’t really a robot but…..still a funny gag.

  • Bob

    The cameo of Crow in the first strip was funny, the middle one not so much, but the last one was actually clever!

  • Abu

    I’m a big scif fan but for some reason I’m not getting the joke in the first one at all. The other two are pretty funny.

  • Abu,

    The Brewster Rockit strip is part of an ongoing storyline. Start here:

  • The first one is the best, as I love many of those classic robots (even if WALL-E is the most recent of the bunch)!

    The third one is funny in that the cartoonist actually captured the look/feel of classic SESAME STREET Muppets so well! (I’m a big Henson/Muppets fan.) Now, draw a moustache on the puppeteer for Cookie Monster, and that guy could almost pass off for Frank Oz!

  • timmyelliot

    Yeah, I don’t get the first one with the robots either.

  • DM

    I LOVE Eeyore’s hat!

  • I really had to stare at the first one for a while. Also, the last one is surprisingly clever.

  • doug holverson

    Where is the bucket-head robot from?

  • “Where is the bucket-head robot from?”

    From an early “Brewster Rockit” strip done as a one-time joke.

  • JDW

    I get what the first one’s trying to do [though its relevancy is unknown to me] but Daleks arent robots. Just saying.

    And would it kill them to actually draw the stuff, not use Photoshop filters and Illustrator trace tool? Seriously, who pays these people to do that? Cause, I could seriously use a check for doing nothing right now.

  • They left out my favorite toon robot in the first strip. Where’s the ACME Pest Control Robot from the Bugs/Elmer Fudd cartoon “Robot Rabbit”???!!!

    What a disgrace! I won’t stand for it, I tell ya!

  • s.w.a.c.

    It’s also weird that Crow is white and Tom Servo has blue patches.

    It’s true that Daleks aren’t robots…just mechanical homes for those tentacled menaces (anyone know when we first learned this?). I wonder if anyone would have gotten a Cyberman reference? Although I suppose technically they’re not robots either…

  • The first one was the best! I like how WALL-E is in there! I’m surprised Number 5 from Short Circuit wasn’t there.