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The Sunday Funnies (3/7/10)

From the top: Today’s Lio (3/7/10) by Mark Tatulli; Ink Pen (3/6/10 and 3/7/10) by Phil Dunlap; Butt Sweat n’ Tears (3/6/10) by Makinita (Andres Silva); and Reality Check (3/6/10) by Dave Whamond.

(Thanks, Jim Lahue and Charles Brubaker)

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  • @Lio

    Where’s Kells?

    @Butt sweat and tears

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • someone needs to do their research, because Cloudy with a Chance of Goat Balls wasnt nominated for the Oscar

  • Joris

    It’s cool that Flint is standing up for Brendan in Lio’s cartoon!

  • Nick,

    Mark Tatulli explains over at GoComics that he drew the Lio strip before the nominees were even announced, so he had to take a guess. You’ll note that the guy from “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” is there, even though the film wasn’t nominated.

    Ah, the perils of comic strip deadlines.

  • mick

    Where is the kells character???!!!
    bloody septic tanks!!!

  • Deaniac

    These are all great. Especially Lio.
    I knew that today’s Lio strip was going to be on here from the start.

  • I like the Alice in Wonderland one, thats funny !!

  • Ron

    The only one I don’t get is the guy ordering “Chilli con Carne Sarn it”? What is that a reference to?

  • Charles – That’s exactly what I thought. After all, not every strip can work with short deadlines like Candorville. Mark Tatulli’s design was great.

    Also, I loved how Rapunzel has a cigarette and a dour look in that last strip.

  • I’m not big on the drawing itself, but I dig the concept of Lio’s comic. The Alice in Wonderland and Rapunzel comics are pretty funny, also. Not big on the gags but the second and third are very well-drawn.

  • doug holverson

    @Ron: It’s a phonetic pun of Yosemite Sam’s mock-cussing.

  • JP

    Chili con… “carn sarn it!” (in Yosemite Sam’s voice).

    Although if you’re pronouncing “carne” correctly (CAR-nay), the joke doesn’t work as well. It took me a second to make sense of it too.

  • I always thought Yosemite Sam said “CONsarn it”.

    I’ve never seen that Reality Check strip before, but I like its visual style. It kind of reminds me of old NFB shorts.

  • Ross W

    Shouldn’t that last one read: “For cryin’ out loud, Tangled!”

  • Sara H.

    I thought from the ‘Alice’ movie posters that they had finally found a way to make Johnny Depp unattractive, but after seeing the film I see that I was wrong. He is still amazingly attractive but in a weird way, I totally fell in love with the hatter watching the film today. *sigh* :)

  • Daev

    I think maybe you should use quotes around the word “Funnies”. This kind of humor is right up there with those “comedy raps” you see on YouTube.

  • I know this has become a regular feature now, but none of these strips are ever ever funny and the whole thing is starting to make me hate drawings.

  • Marc Baker

    My favorite one was The Mad Hatter changing his face to look more like Johnny Depp. That was kinda clever.

  • The Lio and the Butt Sweat n Tears ones were the best!