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The Sunday Funnies (5/2/10)

This week, the first three are editorial cartoons. From the top: Mike Peters (4/16) for the Dayton Daily News, Joel Pett (4/27) for Lexington Herald-Leader, and Steve Kelly (4/29) for the Times Picayune. Below that, Rhymes With Orange (4/30) by Hilary Price, and Free Range (4/29) by Bill Whitehead.

(Thanks Jim Lahue, Uncle Wayne, John Hall and Charles Brubaker)

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  • it’s really poltical the past few weeks, ain’t it?

  • Michael F.

    Rhymes With Orange is so much better than most other one-panel strips out there. My favorite was a scene from the first (and only) Take Your Cat to Work Day where all the cats were walking along the keyboards and monitors.

  • Scarabim

    Wow, all of those were…actually…pretty great! Thanks, Jerry!

  • Warhead

    Great picks once again. What’s this all about Obama closing down NASA?

  • mrscriblam

    i liked the one about south park

    god that whole situation just infuriates me

  • JOSE M.

    just for the record Muhammad is not a GOD , HE is the founder of the Islam, BTW Ala is their god.

    and Santa claus was in the bear suit not Muhamad.

  • Chris s

    I like the lit fuse coming out of the “radical islamist’s” hat.

    Pretty good round-up this week, thanks!

  • Peter F

    Man, Viacom/Comedy Central sure wrangled a lot of free publicity from that clever marketing stunt/hoax.

  • Rooniman

    These strips failed to make me giggle once.

  • Leirin

    I love the Cruella Deville strip.

    The second one is funny, as my dad was telling me about that incident just last night…