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The Sunday Funnies (7/11/10)

This week we have Medium Large (6/28) by Francesco Marciuliano; The Fusco Brothers (7/6) by JC Duffy; Bound and Gagged (7/4) by Dana Summers; an editorial cartoon (7/2) by Signe Wilkinson; and The Argyle Sweater (7/9) by Scott Hilburn.

(Thanks to Jim Lahue, Charles Brubaker, Jed Martinez and Kurtis Findlay)

  • Jordan

    so what’s this like, the third spongebob-bp joke we’ve seen in the funnies so far?

  • Roberto Severino

    Wow. Two cartoons with Pinocchio in them today. Coincidence? Anyway, none of these appealed to me, but the SpongeBob one was interesting.

  • Josef

    Every once in a while, I’m reminded why I stopped reading the funny papers.

  • Michael F.

    Don’t forget that lung cancer wasn’t around in the Flintstones era too. Was that why the Flintstones were always easy to smoke Winston Cigarettes?

  • ben c

    hah the last one with popeye isn’t that bad. but the rest, yeesh

  • joecab

    Plus didn’t Jon Stewart already make that Spongebob first?

  • The bottom one’s funny, but with the exception of the middle one, they’re all pretty badly drawn. Francesco Marciuliano should not be able to make a living off of such astoundingly poor work. Actually, I feel that way about a lot of comic strips. It’s like the papers deliberately try to pick the worst ones they find. I’m sure there are hundreds of great strips that don’t get picked up for syndication (and I don’t mean all those video game/furry/imitation-manga ones you see online).

    Of course, there are some half-decent ones running today though. I guess the reason we always see such bad ones on here is because it’s lazy to rely on popular characters for punchlines, and that goes hand-in-hand with laziness in the art.

    And how can anyone over the age of 5 possibly draw a word balloon tail as badly as in the second strip?

  • Jody Morgan

    Medium Large: Meh. Though that would explain how humans and dinosaurs could live at the same time.
    The Fusco Brothers: OK, though I’m pleasantly surprised at how (relatively) well-drawn Pinocchio is in this strip; all I can remember of this strip in the past is seeing two humans talking to each other sans background, and it didn’t matter what age or sex the humans were, they looked like the long-lost twin of that attorney.
    Bound and Gagged: This one I actually liked, even though, unlike the previous strip, the drawing of Pinocchio is the weakest part of the strip.
    Signe Wilkinson: The ‘Spongebob-at-the-oil-spill’ gags just keep getting worse, don’t they?
    The Farside Sweater: Gary Larson did this punchline better, though I can’t remember the character he used off the top of my head…

  • Strip #3 is much funnier than strip #2.

    And the gag of using SpongeBob’s pineapple house as a containment dome was already done on The Colbert Report… on the 3rd of MAY. (–60-seconds )
    Therefore, it has come full-circle; anybody using SpongeBob in any way as a punchline to the ongoing Gulf oil spew shall be labeled a talentless hack.
    PS: Bikini Bottom is nowhere NEAR the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Vzk

    You should post Tom the Dancing Bug’s “Super Fun Pak Comix”, which are great deconstructions of this dying “art” form.

  • David Breneman

    The Popeye one is far and away the funniest. The Flintstones one is a funny concept (Flintstones as Creationist “science”) but the dialog would have benefited from a bit of subtlety.

    As far as Spongebob goes, I’m so sick of seeing that thing’s ugly puss on balloons, party favors, greeting cards, paper places, lunch boxes, etc., that my instinctive first reaction to it is always revulsion. I don’t care if it’s funny. It has Spongebob. By definition, it will suck. :-)

  • Marc Baker

    Spongbob has been used alot in editorial cartoons regarding the BP oil spill, hasn’t he?

  • Pinocchio looks cute in both of these strrips, which is pretty uncommon.

  • Was there something that happened this week to set up two different “Pinocchio getting interogated” political cartoons?

  • That Popeye one is half past brilliant.

  • It would be pretty boring if these were always “on model.” Part of the fun of this kind of thing is to see an artist’s take on a familiar character.

  • s.w.a.c.

    Surely there could be some other BP/cartoon possibilities…Little Mermaid? Snorks? Squiddley Diddley? Hell, why not Sherman’s Lagoon?