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The Sunday Funnies (7/4/10)

This week: B.C. (7/2) by Mason Mastroianni; Medium Large (7/2) by Francesco Marciuliano; and an editorial cartoon by Mike Luckovich (6/27) for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

(Thanks to Jim Lahue, Chris Cook, Charles Brubaker, Jed Martinez, Austin Papageorge and Uncle Wayne)

  • Michael F.

    Anything that mocks M. Night Shamalamadingdong is good in my book.

  • Does Marciuliano not realize there’s already a live action Dragonball? I doubt Shyamalan would make a worse DBZ film than Dragonball: Evolution.

  • SalomonFenix

    poor AVATAR film, shyamalan poor, poor spongebob in oil.

  • Roberto Severino

    The third one is really funny. Seems like the Sunday Funnies were actually pretty decent today. Good work.

  • Oliver

    I used to feel sorry for Shyamalan’s directorial decline, until the book ‘The Man Who Heard Voices’ revealed him to be quite possibly an even bigger egomaniac than Troy Duffy.

  • Seems like Spongebob survived the oil spill after all… XD

  • Anna

    there was already a live-action DragonBall movie (other than Evolution BTW)
    old joke is already much old! (and not funny)

    if they wanted a shock tweeest value, they shoulda said “Cowboy Bebop”

  • Kevin H.

    Hey, they’re actually good today!

  • Joe Torcivia

    Um… Why would Wyle E. have such a problem with July 4th?

    It is because of the ending of one of the Chuck Jones cartoons (the name of which I can’t recall) where his plan ends him up in a sort of “fireworks display”… or maybe the end of (Shudder!) “The Wild Chase” where the same thing happened?

    If so, that’s not much of a gag, because it relies on the memory of the ending of one or two specific cartoons, rather than a general character trait!

    …Unless, merely HAVING BEEN IN “The Wild Chase” put him into therapy!

    In that case, it’s one heck of a gag!

  • Actually, just about any man-made implement might trigger bad memories for Wile E. Coyote.

  • Yea, actually a few laughs up there lol.

  • Scarabim

    I liked – no, loved – the Avatar TV toon.

    And I liked the movie. Saw it last week, and the audience that I was part of seemed to like it too.

    If I thought Night had crapped all over Avatar, I’d be pissed. But he didn’t, and so I’m not.

    I really think a combo of unreasoning Night S. hate, plus the whole bullsh*t controversy about the movie’s so-called “racist” casting, affected the opinions of many.

    It’s not a perfect film, but IMO it beats a lot of stuff critics just swooned over (like “Fantastic Mr. Fox”). It was fun and involving, and that’s all I ask from any film.

  • Mike!

    Wile E. gets blown up at least two times in each cartoon; I’d think he’d be a little edgy around explosions.

  • Baron Lego

    Does anyone else think it’s kinda weird/lazy for a modern day reference like Spongebob to make an appearance in a comic strip about prehistoric cavemen?

  • Anything related to Johnny Hart is weird/lazy.

  • EatRune

    I’m surprised the guy apparently didn’t know there was a Dragonball Z movie. And it came out last year. I wouldn’t expect him to know about the 80s Chinese movie, but not know a movie that came out last year exists?

  • Pincushion12

    Wow. The 2nd comic here and the person himself that drew/wrote it is irredeemably stupid.

    Besides being incredibly not funny in the least, it also makes zero sense, since the author didn’t even realize that the “possible movie that might get made” was just made last year, rendering the whole comic pointless and making the author look like the most clueless, ignorant dope on the face of the planet.

    Fail comic fails.

  • I don’t know, maybe the author already knows that there is a Dragon Ball movie and since it was that bad it’s better not to do another one. I think that’s the joke. After all Death At A Funeral has been remade just a few years later only to include afroamerican actors.

    Still a little forced, but I won’t go and say directly that the author is uninformed or stupid.

    I found most of the strips this week pretty dull.

  • …though I find the Toy Story one a little bit amusing.

  • Adrienne Jenkins

    To Scarabim:

    I don’t think the uproar over the Avatar casting was that it was “racist”, more so that it is just extremely disappointing.

    It was an opportunity to create some new young stars. Ones that don’t look like Hannah Montana or Zac Efron for a change–Especially in the world of a franchise where “Europe” does not exist.

  • Scarabim

    Well, Adrienne, I certainly appreciate that point of view (Disney tween stars, HURL) – but the kids in Airbender didn’t look like that type of actor. They were actually pretty good, certainly as good as the kids in the Potter movies. The lead actor in particular was amazing – an incredible martial artist, and he played his role seriously and made me believe he was Aang (even though the other characters pronounced his name funny). I’d just have to say that people should watch the movie and not let the critics’ weird animosity deter them. I’ve certainly spent worse afternoons at the movies. JMHO.

  • Warhead

    20 bucks to the person who delivers Shyamalan’s head on a silver platter!

  • Sean

    To Adrienne:

    The uproar that is being referred to is most likely the fact that Paramount’s original casting call asked for caucasian actors…only. That is where the claims of racism came from, and, yes, they were claims of racism.

    To Scarabim:

    You cannot be THAT big of a fan of the series if you did not notice the ways in which Night ruined it.
    There were some sections that he took frame for frame from episodes of the series, and there were large plot points that were correct choices when compressing over 11 hours of cartoon into 2 hours of live action, BUT he added and changed elements that did nothing but make it impossible for the amazing world Mike and Bryan created to be realized in this live action form.
    Changing name pronunciation – stupid
    changing firebending – lame
    altering the function and reality of the “spirit world” – ridiculous

    along with the fact that only 2 of the actors could, well, ACT.

    I am not attempting to invalidate your ability to like the movie, I am just pointing out that the boat was missed by M Night when it came to being truly able to capture the amazingness of the Avatar series.

  • Oliver

    No-one disputes that Shymalan is a technically very skilled and shows intelligence in moving the camera and editing.

    If such traits were all that was needed to make masterpieces, Shymalan would be a considered great director (as would, say, the old Hollywood veteran Robert Wise).

    But they’re not, and they aren’t.

  • Leirin

    I’m surprised we haven’t seen more Toy Story 3 comics. …At least there’s one in this batch.

  • Scarabim

    I watched the TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender from its premiere until its finish. I’d say that made me a fan.

    The movie had some narrative errors in it, but taking everything into account, it was enjoyable.

    I don’t apologize for being a fan of the series and yet, liking the movie.

  • Amazing how most of the conversation here is inspired by such a wet limp noodle of a comic strip. Wouldn’t it have been funnier to see M.Night make the same statement, only to have (insert Dragonball Z character here) beat the crap out of him instead of begging like an assault victim? I think so, and I could care less about either Dragonball or Airbender.

  • Anything that M. Night Symalan makes is garbage! Also that Toy Story 3 comic was interesting but the movie was awesome. I don’t get the coyote one.

  • TheVok

    I loved Avatar: The Last Airbender and will not see the live-action movie, specifically due to the casting. It’s not bullsh*t to point out that Aang ain’t white.

    However, I notice said movie is getting the worst reviews of the year even WITHOUT critics bringing up that particular point.

  • Sokka

    If only the spongebob cartoon (and a solution) had come sooner.

    Love the Toy Story cartoon. Gimmie more!!!

    I think the Wile E. thing is that alot of his ACME products blow up in his face. Although really he gets into all sorts of accidents – it’s a little thin but I’m on board.

    About the Shyamalan cartoon, I think the joke is that only Shyamalan could do a worse job of a Dragonball movie – surely Marciuliano knows that film was made.

    First I love ATLA more than I could describe.There’s not a whole lot I can add to the discussion, I think we all know what the controversy is and anyway it’s all well documented on racebending.com

    My personal problem isn’t with the way it was adapted – I hadn’t expected much anyway. But the casting “controversy” is a REAL and SERIOUS problem found in many films and needs to be addressed.

    I will not be supporting this film, or others like it.

  • autisticanimator


    It IS however to complain about the casting and disregard the casting to the original voices of the characters for the series. Did Nick cast Inuit or Asian voice actors for the cartoon?

  • TheVok

    There were certainly more Northeast Asian voice actors for the animated series than there are Northeast Asian actors in the live-action movie!

  • Martin Juneau

    The third and fourth panel is at least decent, but not too spectacular.