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This week’s GRIMMY


A fun week of strips at Mike Peter’s Mother Goose and Grimm.

  • Peter

    Fun ideas, maybe, but lousy execution. This strip hasn’t been funny in years ….

  • Martin

    I love this strip!! Cartoon Rehab should be a whole spin-off because this idea’s GOLD!

  • That’s really funny Amid. Love the Sponge Bob one. Looks like Mike Peter is still writing some good stuff…

  • I can’t remember ANY time this strip was ever funny.

  • Kyle

    does this strip even have a punchline?

  • I think the upper tier of the strip would be funnier on its own. The rest kinda made it lame.
    I still like this strip, even though I don’t really read the funnies anymore.

  • The best & most creative strip being drawn today (IMHO) is the webcomic “Kiskaloo”–beautiful art, great characters & VERY funny!!!

  • EatRune

    I believe Stephen Hillenburg worked on the animated adaptation of Mother Goose & Grim (that no one remembers).